Friday, February 1, 2013

February Faces

In the days ahead I have some February faces to share with you here at Across the Way. Faces and short snippets, as we all seem to be looking forward to St. Valentine's Day in our homes and relationships.

Let's not forget that these days leading to St. Valentine's Day may be sad or even bitter ones for some folks as they watch love in the air in Blog Universe this month. This may be the most important time of year for some to pour out their love instead on their house or their pets or family and friends. Don't forget also to pour out some love on yourself, please.

To some of my women friends who have had their hearts broken in the past, I leave you with this one comforting sentence made famous by Jane Ace whose malaprops entertained audiences on radio in the 1930s:
"Time wounds all heels."

And if you're compelled, by whatever reason, to live with one of life's frustrating men and feel as if you're sometimes alone on the relationship road, you can always try doing like Diane Keaton's character did in Something's Gotta Give when forced into taking care of Jack Nicholson's character at her beach house when he leaves the hospital.

She throws up her hands and reminds herself:

"Play music, cook, write, focus!"

My apologies to any men who might be reading this and are in the same situation. I'm not sure what the feminine equivalent of a heel is but feel free to contribute. 

I'd put a big yellow smiley face here if I knew how to.


  1. Love the photos, the quotes and the advice!

  2. I am fortunate to have my own great valentine here at home, but if one doesn't have a sweetie, I bet there are plenty of family members, friends, neighbors, and children around you who would enjoy a little Valentine treat.

  3. LOL!!!!!!
    Thanks for the Friday Laugh ! :)

  4. My grown-up friends and I made valentines one year for the widows we know. It was so much fun. Maybe we need to do that again. - Thanks!

  5. Love the pictures. . My husband and I always take a single friend out when she doesn't have a date makes it nice. . Thanks for the advice. .

  6. LOL, I had to read the quote a few times and then it hit me :)
    You always say something I want to remember!

  7. LOL- I love the smile I got here today! I love the idea of spreading Valentine's Day cheer with those that don't have much of it in their life- xo Diana

  8. I am blessed/cursed with living alone but I have many wonderful friends and some family to share the love.
    Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

  9. Dewena, this is such a sensitve, beautiful post. Love that old photo, and I LOVE that quote! I know just how blessed I am to have married my best friend 43 years ago. It's easy to forget that others are not so blessed. Thank you for the reminder. laurie

  10. What a sweet post! It is easy to forget that others are going through pain at this time over love lost. Over forty years ago I mailed a box of chocolates to my grandma who lived 100 miles away. It was the second year my grandpa was gone and grandma felt bad the whole month before Feb. 14th. She said as soon as she opened the mailbox and saw the box in brown paper, a wave of happiness came over her! She shared the box of chocolates with neighbors and called everyone she knew and told them about the box of chocolates from her granddaughter. Just remembering someone can do so much! Thank you for your post today!


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