Friday, February 8, 2013

February Faces: Best Smelling Dream Man

It's not difficult to figure out that I am a FAN of Beverley Nichols. If you love to garden or just love to look at gardens then you will probably love his books too. Don't miss his Merry Hall. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

First Mr. Nichols thinks gardens, then he plans gardens, then he and whatever irascible help he has managed to hire actually garden. Then he bathes and dabs on the cologne that I am in love with. Mind you, I've never smelled it or am likely to unless Floris brings it back, but I know I would swoon if I sniffed it as Beverley Nichols or Carry Grant strolled past me.

That's right, Mr. Cary Grant! Doesn't that make you want to know the name of this cologne? It is Floris's New Mown Hay. Sadly, I cannot find it in existence anywhere but please let me know if Floris revives it. I would dab it on all my Beverley Nichols' books and then could feel as if I were actually having a conversation with him as we strolled along his garden paths. And I would be careful not to say things that women would say that drove him mad, such as "Oh, but you should have seen my _____________ when they were at their peak!"

The photo below, from a 1952 snapshot, is not Mr. Beverley Nichols. I have a picture of Nichols in my Books board on Pinterest, but am too unsure of violating a copyright infringement by posting it here. So this is not my Best Smelling Dream Man, but he must be a gardener--look at those carrots he is holding! No, he's simply a mystery man.

Let's just call him My Funny Valentine.

What men's cologne makes you swoon?


  1. This no doubt dates me, but it's English Leather :)

  2. I absolutely hate heavy smells. I like the fresh sea smells. Anything light., lemony. My man has tried many of them. I refuse to buy celebrity scents. I know that fragrances are such a personal thing ,I never buy for others.xo,Susie

  3. Funny! Can't say I have one of those. My man just wears himself which is fine with me :)

  4. My husband wears Cartier declaration and I LOVE IT!!!

  5. This isn't something that I would normally take note of but I do recall my father always smelling of Old Spice. I don't suppose that is around any more, either, but it would make me think of him if I ever smelled it again.

  6. I know you are asking about men's cologne, but to be honest, I love the smell of "soap" on my husband.

  7. How could I not remember the smell of Old Spice on my boyfriend , now my husband. No matter what other fragrances I have bought him over the years he prefers Old Spice, and so do I. Is it the smell or the memories it invokes that turns me on?


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