Monday, July 20, 2015

A Very Belated Notice

Dear friends,
I never thought I would put another post up 
here at Across the Way.

It amazes me that so many are still visiting here.

Some of you are dear friends who reread old posts here--
that thrills me!

And some come who are new to me--Welcome!

And for those of you who might not know that I'm
blogging now at Dewena's Window,
I hope you'll visit me there too.

For the first 11 months at Dewena's Window,
I didn't open comments.
It was an experiment in balance;
we all struggle with that, don't we?

So, to those of you who visit here,
please continue to anytime!

But I'd love to see you at Dewena's Window too!

And who knows, now that I've dipped my toes
back in the water here at dear old Across the Way,
perhaps it will call my name again.