Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Tail End of September

 September has been lovely here at Home Hill, ending with comfortably warm days after delicious four days of chilly nights and days where the AC was off and windows open. 

I am ready for frost on the pumpkins, even though we haven't bought our pumpkins yet.

Yesterday there was a flash of orange in the garden, a monarch butterfly that tantalized me by flittering here and there but not landing long enough for a good photo snap.


If it were not for these late migrating beauties I would be more than ready for a good frost. The garden is dingy, no doubt about that. I'm ready to move on, ready to welcome October and praying it won't bring the record breaking heat we had in October of 2019. 

It would be nice to order up the weather we'd like, wouldn't it? Or maybe not. That's probably in better hands than mine. 


By the end of September one becomes surfeited with garden beauty...So come quickly, sharp early frost! Obliterate some of this beauty! Clear decks for the majesty of Autumn!

                                   Richardson Wright

                                   The Gardener's Bed-Book


Thursday, September 23, 2021

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

 How could one month have gone by since my apology to yellow post? Surely it was only the other day.

 The days slip by far too quickly, don't they? I only cut one bloom to dry from the oak leaf hydrangea before they were past their peak.

But isn't it perfect? 

Two large hydrangea bushes were loaded with these blooms. I could have picked a bushel but settled for three. They dried beautifully after absorbing two inches of water. 


Two green ducks said "Take us home!" at the Fourth of July sale at our local antique mall. So I did. Along with five English Blue Willow saucers to serve as coasters for wet glasses. 

One dear dachshund peeks at me over the red sofa.

Did you see her?