Friday, December 16, 2022

A Pretty Failure


Isn't this Cranberry-Orange Christmas Bread pretty?


I baked it, same as I did three Decembers ago.

I got out pretty plates and old silver and my favorite vintage Christmas tea towel. Lit a candle, borrowed a few old Christmas trees from my Christmas forest.

Set it all up for pictures with a sinking feeling in my heart because last time I made it the batter rose and rose. 

This one didn't. Still, I covered it with the glaze and thought,

     It'll probably taste good anyway.

I took my pictures. We sat down to eat the cake that fell but was going to taste yummy anyway.

Only it didn't.

The resident skunks and possums got the soggy mess and I got the dirty dishes from making it. 

But it was pretty, wasn't it? And I am going to make it again!

It's from Romantic Homes magazine, December 2015. I couldn't find a link to the recipe or any other recipes that came close to the ingredients but if it turns out well the next time I make it I'll post the recipe here.

Whatever happened to Romantic Homes magazine anyway?

Have you ever had a pretty failure?