Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Beauty, When You Can

This is a last minute effort to post here at Across the Way before October is gone as it's been almost two months since I've been here. 

The pretty pumpkin placemats that I only use in October, and only for non-messy meals were perfect to illustrate a point that's dear to my heart from one of my favorite books, No Trumpet Before Him by Nelia Gardner White. 

I have ten other posts here with White's label and I even posted about this book here in 2019 when we discussed reading depressing books. I pulled out this book once again this month when I needed a book to comfort me. 

Every time I read one of her books I get something different from it and this time it meant even more to me than before. This time I needed the Methodist bishop's wife, needed her positive but not Pollyanna personality. 

Maisie Fellowes, an author as well as Bishop Fellowes' wife, puts her husband's apple on a pretty blue dish before taking it to him. It's important to her. Beauty is important to her, in her garden and her home. This one little detail about Maisie has stuck in my mind for a decade or more since I first read it. 

I had a post planned for this with pictures of my table set prettily for a plebeian supper of Tuna Fish Casserole and spinach. I took the first picture above but then put my phone on to charge and used RH's phone for pictures of the meal on the table. Little did I realize that RH's iCloud was full and when I went to send them to my phone later there were no pictures. 

So without Maisie's touch of beauty, here is my meal, in the kitchen, on the stove, not on a pretty autumn table.

There, how inspiring is that?

But I did manage to change my current post from Back To School clothes, so there's that. 

Maybe, just maybe, the plainer the meal, the more important beauty is.