Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Faces: Who is Your Dream Man?

Is he a farmer?

"I think it takes more of a man, more brains, more character, 
more courage, more bodily vigor,
to be a truly successful farmer
than it requires in any other calling I know."
David Grayson

Is he a soldier? Poet? Businessman?

"He was a Spitfire pilot, poet, businessman, occasional organist
but not, it has to be said, wholly practical.
What he could do he did brilliantly 
and what he could not do he could never learn to do."
Ronald Blythe speaking of a friend Monty in Word from Wormingford

Is he a policeman?

"After fifty-four years of hard, joyful living, Detective Hoke Doop of the Durham police department knew where to put his faith.
He believed in the power of an old-fashioned preacher to scare the hell out of sinners, and the messy, majestic power of the law to punish sinners who wouldn't get scared. As a young man he'd
stuck a foot inside the barely open door to the city's all-white police force and become, against all odds, what he'd wanted to be since he was a kid watching cops-and-robbers movies from the colored 
section in the balcony of a Durham theater. He became an officer of the law.
He believed in the awesome love of his fat, sassy little wife, Louetta; the fine qualities of their four
grown children, and the innocence of their six grandkids. 
He believed that hot fried catfish and cold beer could soothe any man's troubles,
and that Elvis had been the only white man who could sing gospel music with true soul.
And he believed Elvis was really dead--no small feat in these parts.
Hoke was nobody's fool."
Deborah Smith in Silk and Stone

The farmer's picture in today's post is rather murky--as most dream men are. Did you have a Dream Man when you were young? Or several? I just know that you married women are going to play it safe and say it's your husband! My husband plainly says that his Dream Girl is Barbara Streisand. He prefers her beauty to Angelina Jolie's any day. When you've been married as long as we have you're not afraid to tease each other a little bit. So who is my Dream Man? It would have to be Jimmy Stewart in almost any role he ever played but especially roles where he wore old v-neck sweaters and slightly wrinkled khaki trousers. 

Who is your Dream Man, ladies?


  1. Tom Jones...

  2. I love Jimmy Stewart too; It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies. But I would have to pick Cary Grant. He was sooooo smooth and soooo handsome. Robert Redford and Brad Pitt rate right up there on the "handsome scale" as well!

  3. Dewena,

    Your posts are unusual.

    My dream man is my husband but assuming I had to say someone would be Charlton Heston. He was a beautiful man inside and out.

    Hope you have a great day.


  4. My dream man? someone who is Strong,Funny,and Healthy...That would be my husband...

    Okay, Shhhh don't tell Ben Affleck or Chris Judd

    I am laughing so hard!! too funny
    have a great day.. I will be thinking about this post throughout the day I may change my mind and come back to tell you...
    xoxo Marissa

  5. I wouldn't trade my husband for anyone in the world, but if I'm dreaming I'd say he's my dream man who shovels the snow so I don't have to do it. :D

  6. what fun!
    my late husband for sure. my soul mate.
    but since it's a dream . . .
    you stole him!
    i adore jimmy stewart. but i have to say ~ paul newman only got better and better. as they say . . . inside and out!

  7. Robert Redford is dreamy. How cute was he in the Sting? So young. And handsome. And the Sundance Kid? Those blue eyes. But at the most romantic was Hubble in The Way We Were...especially when Barbra pushed back that lock of hair..mmmmmmm!

  8. ha whoever our dream men were there are not really any such out there ( we were all raised on fairytales and disney fantasies I think : )

  9. George Clooney.......after all, we're the same age. But I wouldn't trade my carpenter husband for him.

  10. My dream man has had some qualities that haven't changed since I was a young girl (I'm one year shy of half a century, right now). He is honest, kind, generous, witty, smart, ruggedly handsome, soft spoken, protective, loves kids, affectionate and he is an everyday hero, meaning, he tries his best with regards to his family, his job, and goes out of his way to help those who are less fortunate than him. For me, that man was, and IS, Paul Newman. I have been married for 25 years. My husband is not my soul mate, but he is a good man who possesses most of the qualities above. I still think of Paul Newman, the man, the actor, the husband, the father, and the philanthropic wonder and am thankful that he attained celebrity status so that women like myself, had the pleasure of making his 'acquaintance'!

    Thanks for reminding me of him, even though he is never far from my thoughts.



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