Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Lion of March


 Determined to publish one March 2022 post, I'm sneaking this in on the last day of a month that brought some surprises following the fall I had towards the end of February. 

I couldn't resist showing Karen Adams's handsome lion on her March calendar but King Leo got it a little backwards. March came in here like a sweet lamb who eventually had to put back on her winter coat.


Then decided to festoon the pond with pear blossom.

And last night the Lion of March came roaring back with winds strong enough to toss garden furniture around the yard. Thankfully, our area was not visited by the tornadoes that were predicted a possibility.

March has been a thinking month for me as I approach another birthday and changes in health and a continued problem with my right arm. 

 I've tried to assess what is possible for me compared to what is important to me. I considered stopping blogging but the truth is, going 5 or 6 weeks without creating blog posts made me realize I miss it terribly. I still need to finish catching up on visiting commenters at Dewena's Window before I can post again there and decided to attempt to post once a month there from now on with comments turned on but to turn comments off here so that I can use this as an outlet for posting more often. 

The posts here may be longer in length, written more for my own pleasure and without expecting anyone to read them unless they so desire. That goes for my besties too, so please don't feel that you have to email me after reading them! Emails, yes, but not because you're responding to a post, otherwise I'll start to feel like I should only post when I'm caught up with emails--you know who you are! 

This has been a hard decision made after many prayers. I hope you'll understand. 

My best to all my dear friends and family,