Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February Faces: Apple of Our Eye

I could write a thousand words about each of our children and grandchildren, and R.H. could take a thousand pictures (and probably has). But I find I cannot write just a few words about them here, and which pictures to show? So here they are, in their childhood, which is how we still love to think of them, our simply amazing children and grandchildren! Each one of them is the apple of our eye.

Gurn and Christy

Zack and Defee

And our grands:

Luke, Caleb, Alex, Drake



  1. Dewena, You have a beautiful family! Loved all the sweet faces! Love the picture of Zack and Defee that is just like one of my nephews wearing shorts and boots! oh and precious Nora just want to squeeze her little cute cheeks.

  2. I love pictures of kids. Jilda and I never had kids, but we've help raise several nieces and nephews. I have boxes of photos.

  3. I see you have your little girl. After two sons and three grandsons I was so happy to have a girl! She is so feminine that I don't even know how to act. I'm not used to buying pink and sparkly things, how I love it. My oldest grandson graduates from Penn State in May with a degree in mechanical engineering and will be working in Pittsburgh. The next one graduates from high school. Then my two little ones are Sean, soon to be five and Sara ,one. They are my Tennessee babies. You grandchildren are darling!

  4. I was just thinking of all the fun things Christy and I did back then. We could spend all day outside playing, even half the night too.

  5. What cuties! And only one girl? Such a beautiful family, Dewena. laurie

  6. The cowboy boots made me laugh. I've had two who've had them and worn them just everywhere! Boys love their cowboy boots. ;)

    Your family is beautiful.


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