Monday, February 11, 2013

February Faces: An Eye to Catch

It seemed to her sometimes that the most important thing about marriage

was not a home or children or a remedy against sin,

but simply there being always an eye to catch.

Mrs. Minerva in Jan Struther's 1940 book Mrs. Minerva

The Tennessean, May 28, 2000

These are the last of my personal collection of WW II soldiers and their sweethearts but not the end of my February Faces. The next three days on Across the Way will show more personal faces, but I have enjoyed so much, and learned so much, from your comments--wise, funny, poignant--on this series. 

My sisters and I loved to hear the story about how our parents met at a zoo in Asheville, North Carolina. Wasn't it at the elephant pen, sisters? We always teased Mama that Daddy "picked her up." It did lead to marriage a few months later, something we also teased her about. Of course she always said, "Things were different then. It was wartime and we were more mature." Meaning, of course, that they were more mature than we were at that age so we'd better not try it.

Our mother and father lived out their own WW II love story, much of which I've shared here in past posts. I'd love to hear if any of you have stories of your own parents' or grandparents' love story. 


  1. Dewena, Thanks for posting these incredible love stories of World War II solders. I truly enjoyed going back in time!!! I wished I lived in that era such a simple life!

  2. My young mom was welding at an aircraft factory when dad teased her for a date. She wouldn't say yes so he took her watch and held it hostage till she agreed. They remained together until my mother passes away at eighty. I really enjoy your blog and those old pictures. It's fun to look back.

  3. I"m so enjoying these posts,Dewenna. You really made the most of your photo collection. And it's preserving the memory of those pictured. Most creative.

  4. Well this was an awesome series, and I'm happy to have found it. :)

  5. My father was on leave from the Marines at the end of WWII when he met my mother at the skating rink. She was there with her sister and they both had noticed him. Her sister insisted that he was smiling at her but mom says "nope it was me he smiled at". Well the mystery was solved when the good looking Marine skated over to my mom and asked her if she would like to do the couples skate with him. The rest was history.

  6. I absolutely loved this series, Dewena. You are so creative and talented. You have found your niche and you must find a way to continue this type of writing. For now, I'm going to catch the eye of my husband with a hero's welcome home :)

  7. I have loved these pictures... I collect old pictures, too... but I love the houses and rooms behind the people, and their pets, and their cars or horses and carriages, too!


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