Thursday, October 15, 2020

Teale's Autumn Across America

 Years ago I got Edwin Way Teale's North with the Spring from the library and devoured it but never went on with the series.


 Last month, in a hunger for autumn, I ordered his Autumn Across America and have been luxuriating in the pages as Teale began in Cape Cod to travel all across America to California in search of autumn.


 This has been my way of living out my favorite Autumn quote from my Autumn Pinterest board here...

By George Elliot, written October 1, 1841:

Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.

 What a wonderful idea! And when I reach California I think I will order Teale's Wandering Through Winter.

I might as well show you more of my bed table...

My Aladdin lamp with the Dogwood shade, one of many Aladdin lamps in our house that were gifts from a dear friend who worked for the company, sits on top of some books to give it height but are also favorite books to look at when I sometimes take everything off the old table to thoroughly polish instead of just dusting. The marble heart was a gift to me from our daughter many years ago.

 She also gifts me each Christmas with a refill for my calendar. Both of us think of each other when we change the page, although she never looks ahead to all the months when she gets hers. I'm not patient enough to do that!

 That's my favorite Tasha Tudor book that is always near at hand since I had a Tasha Tudor moment in Nashville (post here). 

Here are two new pictures for my bedroom art gallery that I found on my one day out this summer, our masks on as they were on everyone else in the antique mall  except for one young blonde woman who was carrying around an extremely heavy large crock. She didn't seem to have a breathing problem so I don't know what her excuse was. Yeah, I'm still ticked off about that but I'm in love with these pictures.

They're quaint and lovely and in the above picture you might can see the windmill in the background. That was enough for me to proclaim these my Dutch pictures. 

And here's something that does help me relax before bed if I remember to rub it on my neck, Young Living's CBD Calm roller. [No, I don't sell it but if you want to know someone who does, email me and I'll put you in contact with my daughter-in-law!]

Goodnight, take a good book to bed with you and sweet Autumn dreams!