Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse Visit

Any time we eat out I order fish of some kind. 

But when we go to a great steak place, I've gotta have a steak.

Last weekend Zack and Courtney treated us to dinner out for Mother's Day and my birthday at their favorite steak place, Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse. It was a memorable meal!

We drove to The Farmhouse to meet them and walk around Courtney's beautiful garden.

Then was a first for me and RH, an Uber ride downtown.

I know, we're so old-school, but I liked it.

Everything at Jeff Ruby's was amazing, from the ice-cold Gulf shrimp...

to the cheesecake with salted caramel sauce.

And between them came the best steak of my life and a garden pea risotto for me that I'm still dreaming of.

We were entertained all evening by the piano man who played so many of my favorites.

The service at Jeff Ruby's was, in one word, perfection!

But of course the best part of the whole evening  was the conversation and laughter with these three, RH, Courtney and Zack.

We had much more fun than these people...

So much fun and such good steak that I checked to see if RH's earlobes were turning pink, I knew mine had to be...

"As the steak disappeared,
I watched her long old earlobes pinken.

I remembered what an endocrinologist had told me once,
that after rare beef and wine,
when the lobes turned red,
was the time to ask favors or tell bad news."

M. F. K. Fisher

No bad news to tell so I just asked for a favor.