Friday, April 2, 2021



"Beauty is lilacs in a crystal vase."

Jane Merchant in "Tangibles"


No crystal vase but a Goodwill glass will do. Before the past two nights of freezing temperatures, RH went out and clipped a handful of lilac twigs in bud for me. Two days later they opened fully and the room is fragrant with their sweetness. 

The 1830s English Staffordshire Blue Willow platter was the first important antique that we bought as young marrieds and foretold a love of blue that has never left me. 

I think that most shades of greens are my favorite color, especially the chartreuse greens of Spring, blue comes next, but purple in the garden moves me as no other color does. 



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  1. I love shades of blue and green, too! And I also love purple. And red. And yellow. Guess I just like color! We had one big lilac bush in our backyard but unfortunately, Brian had to cut it down last year and then we had someone out to dig out the roots. (The roots - as we found out - are massive and super spreaders!) The bush was dropping "babies" all over our back yard, so we were forever having to dig them up. And the roots were getting way too close to the foundation of our house.

    I couldn't bring the blossoms into my house because of my allergies, but oh how I will miss the scent in my back yard this spring!