Monday, April 1, 2019

The Delights of April

Have you heard, dears?

       April is here!

Do you like my new silk dress?

       The color is called Rosemary.

You know, for remembrance. 

       I'm remembering all the delights of April.

I'm craving asparagus and shad roe and strawberries.

       At the same meal at my favorite restaurant, please.

A proposal on the same night would be lovely.

       Or at least a clutch of Parma violets edged with paper lace. 

I may look like a modern woman of 1930, but at heart?

       At heart I'm just an old-fashioned girl.

And it is sweet sentimental April, after all.

       What are you craving this April?

[Picture is an ad for silk fabric from my March 29, 1930 Vogue magazine.]


  1. I'm wearing a sky blue dress with little polka dots. and simple sandals for comfort.
    I just found our we're dining at your tiny garden spot and I'm regaling you with my favorite story of one of our favorite actors. Randolph Scott has been a long favorite of mine. he would be lounging by your silvery aqua pool chatting with Cary Grant if you had a pool! instead we're enjoying your exquisite lunch amid the birds chirping and two adorable little doxies running about. do they like cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off? LOL!

    1. Make that grated carrot mixed with minced chicken and BreeBree and James Mason would be sitting at the table!

      So much fun, Tammy! We will have the best time talking about Cary and Randolph, who is also one handsome guy. That square jaw!

      Ah, Spring....

    2. Ladies, do you mind if I join you? :-) I do love Cary Grant and Randolph Scott, but could we include William Powell...would you mind terribly? He is so witty. I would love a fruit plate with a small salad. Since I'm in my work suit with stockings and heels, I need to keep the food selection light. Love and hugs to you both sweet friends!

    3. I ADORE William Powell!!! yes! you're more than welcome! but take off your heels. :D

    4. William Powell will be very welcome but let's add another William, William Holden--are they making any men like these today???

      Ladies, you can wear anything you want but don't forget your girdle. You know a lady in 1930 wouldn't have been caught dead without hers on.

  2. I am craving sunshine, warmer temps, and pots of pansies! The asparagus is covered - I just picked that up at the grocery earlier today. :-)

    1. I'm sending wishes for sunshine to you, Melanie, and pots of sweet-faced pansies!

  3. Is that you Dewena in the cloche hat? Nice to see Tammy here.

    1. Oh, dear Peggy, I am her and so many other women on this blog! This blog is my fantasy world!

  4. Color named "Rosemary" it!

    Yesterday I was up in Big Bear - our local four season resort lake - it was beautiful and I saw just a little bit of signs that spring was on its' way. No spring in my yard yet.

    1. Big Bear Lake? How amazing to live close to a lake named that! Sandy, I look every day at your romantic Mr & Mrs Sheep picture. They have become real to me. I picture them in all sorts of situations!

    2. I've been saving off some photos of sheep to do some more - thanks so much for liking my sheep.
      Yes Big Bear is a great place to visit except in winter when everybody wants to go up and ski. then our highway is so congested.

  5. Rosemary, whether it be used for the distinct aromatic freshness it lends to scrumptious dishes, olive oil and soap is such a gorgeous springtime scent. Wearing a dress stamped in a grainy, green shade reminiscent of the herb, I guess, must feel equally revitalizing!

    I'm patiently (not), waiting for lilacs, peonies and warm sunshine this spring, especially after seeing that it has arrived in all its glory in my Cretan garden!

    Have a wonderful week, Dewena!