Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Indiana Jones

This is my current favorite photo of RH.

He had just planted four new trees

and sat down to enjoy a cold beer.

It makes me think of an Indiana Jones

who should be retired, but never will.

When he gets started on a project he just doesn't stop,

even though he should.

He still hops down from the bed of his 

Ford F-150 Lariat,

though he's limping from that very thing today.

He volunteered to assemble two lattice pie crusts

on Father's Day for my chicken pies,

with all the confidence of a chef,

which he's definitely not.

He's fearless, even when I think he shouldn't be.

He thinks our four children are perfect,

and he's right about that.

Happy late Father's Day, RH, my Indiana Jones.

I love you, but please stop leaping

 from the lion's head to prove your worth.