Friday, April 27, 2018

Backyard Makeover

This picture I printed out from Pinterest a year ago has been on my kitchen cupboard all this time, right over RH's coffee pot, a subliminal enticement that I hoped would come true.

This last weekend it did! 

Not that I wanted an exact copy but we both knew something needed to be done about the ugly stack of bricks that covered the pipe over an old well that was right outside the kitchen window.

This was to be an inspiration for a focal point for the two new patios that RH was going to build for us so that we could have a place in the backyard to sit and watch our fur babies play and flowers grow.

RH had already spent three days building the first patio, one that will be shady in the summer, and our son came in last weekend to help him on the rest of the project.

Here is what it looked like, snapped from my kitchen window, when they began Saturday morning:

In the circle of dirt in lower right section is the pipe that sticks up from the old well that belonged to this 1935 cottage.

I have a love of old cupolas and this one has been sitting in our driveway for almost a year now, waiting its time to become a focal point!

Once in place it was time to pretty it up and Defee and RH went to the rock pile for some pretty ones.

Next came placing the beautiful Tennessee Crab Orchard Stone slabs that RH bought last summer. I love the color variations in these.

They wheelbarrowed in the pretty brown pea gravel and it became the beginning of my dream to have paths I could walk on with the dogs without stepping in mud, or something worse.

And it is going to be something beautiful to look at while I wash dishes and prepare meals, a very important thing.

RH and Defee took a well deserved break on the patio before starting up again with the next step. 

Bree-Bree kept them company.

I'm sorry, I know that I'm prejudiced, but she is gorgeous!

And those are two handsome hardworking men behind her!

They worked until sundown on the next project, a much needed drain to direct rainwater out of the yard and into the driveway. 

Along with this job they decided to double the pathway leading to the gate. The pavers are still covered with sand here but I will love having this wider path.

There's still lots more to do back here because in a garden there always is. There's still the second patio to be tiled where you see all the sand in the right section below.

Lots of planting to be done, mostly perennials and evergreens and flowering shrubs, a few along as we can afford them.

But I couldn't resist some instant color annuals too and spent my birthday money from another son on these. Lots of herbs in there too.

I want pinks and purples and pale yellows among the greens that are my favorite. 

My mantra is Theme Green, inside and out. It's what makes me happy.

Those red and blue lawn chairs that RH and Defee are sitting in above will be moved to outside the barn for pond watching and RH has painted all our old metal lawn furniture in yummy shades of greens, including some chartreuse and lime.

I can't wait until we move them to the patio! And see them from my big kitchen window!

I'll still take all offers of dishwashing help I can get though, just saying.

Thank you so much, RH and Defee! 

You are amazing and wonderful to make this dream come true for me!

And don't forget to look at the other picture hanging up in the kitchen........