Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Birthday USA!

Let freedom ring!

Happy Independence Day to those of us in the USA!

I hope your day is filled to the seams with good food, good friends, good times and good thoughts about this dear battered proud worried staunch confused determined hardworking friendly leery strong tired capable introvert extrovert passionate independent gullible intelligent exacerbated hopeful pessimistic busybody standoffish openhearted stingy generous country called the United States of America.

With all her faults I'll take her any day, any time and lots of other people must feel that way too, else why would so many want so badly to come here?

I refuse to be discouraged by all the silly and serious arguments in Washington. Believe me, there were plenty of those when this nation's birthing was being hammered out in 1776. 

But I do wish they'd get over it, don't you?

I heard someone out there say, "When pigs fly!"

Enough of that. I'll get back to my small sphere of influence and talk about getting ready for the Fourth here in our small cottage.

That was my Fourth of July table at the old house in Valley View. I'm not sure what it will look like this year, haven't gotten that far yet. I left the red bowls, the white placemats and the red white and blue quilt behind when we downsized and moved.

I even left my beautiful huge old 48 star flag behind. There's no room here to store seasonal decorations so I won't be buying any. Even my Christmas boxes are stacked to the ceiling in a corner of my writing room because I refuse to put them in the attic. They will be undergoing a serious vetting process this coming December.

I got out the one Fourth of July decoration I've saved--a tiny painting I did decades ago. I only painted when I was pregnant so it was done during one of those pregnancies.

I love it, amateurish as it is. I want to sing the Star Spangled Banner when I look at it and watch James Cagney one more time in Yankee Doodle Dandy.

I left all my beautiful flag bunting behind when we moved but just had to buy one inexpensive piece for the front porch. I can roll it up and store it on the tower of Christmas boxes that are right behind my chair now.

A patriotic flower arrangement was easy.....the long hedge row along a good part of our road frontage is filled with blackberries.

Could any florist arrangement be better than this?

Our kitchen already has its share of blue and red but I put a few of the blue and red Fenton tumblers in the kitchen window for the sun to shine on. And this pretty plant cooperated by re-blooming just in time for the Fourth. What is its name? I downsized my memory when we moved too. Left part of it behind. No sense in overloading my brain, right?

And that is about the extent of my Fourth of July decor for now. Except for a pretty card I always prop up somewhere...

Before I show it, have any of you caught the goofs here  on this post? It was too late to catch it when I noticed it and I was not going to edit photos again. Let me show you the last photo that I was able to do correctly.

Notice that this photo properly says "Happy Fourth of July from Across the Way"?

And that the others all say "Dewena's Window"? 

It gets confusing sometimes writing two blogs. 

But I know you'll forgive me and not be too harsh in your judgement because after all, only a few of you know about this little bitty forgotten blog.

Don't you feel special?

Happy Fourth to my fellow Americans!

And for those who are from another land, thank you for reading anyway!

What's for supper here tonight?

       Salmon cooked outside on the grill 
               Cauliflower custard pie with potato crust (one with goat cheese for RH
               and gruyere for me.)
                        Simple leaf lettuce salad with vinaigrette
                                And a blueberry pie
And that's it. 


  1. One only needs to feel the joy of freedom and gratitude for liberty to truly celebrate their country's independence, (although good food, fun times and giggles don't hurt either!). Your decorations are a delight: pretty, patriotic and practical, too! I adore your mini oil(?) on canvas and am so glad you took it with you after you left Valley View.

    The menu for tonight's celebratory dinner sounds scrumptious. Have an extra piece of blueberry pie for me, will you? I miss those sweet bursts of freshness!

    Happy 4th, my friend!


  2. THIS!!! YES!!!
    bells are ringing for me! you have made me love my country again!
    I don't want to gush but oh my!
    I love every picture every word.
    I had already decided to bring my joy back and here it is. in the colors and the words and my poppyK words above and just YOU!
    why I always get notices of my favorite blogs a day late I'll never know.
    but at least I GET THEM!
    happy belated 4th!

  3. Oh Dewena! I agree and agree and agree. We all must find a way to get along. I love the little flag painting.

  4. Your patriotic decor is perfect - the branch of berries is my favorite! But I'm totally distracted by your menu - it sounds heavenly! Cauliflower custard pie? Please share that recipe!


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