Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Pond With No Name

"So many people who go afield for enjoyment

leave it behind them at home."

David Grayson in A Countryman's Year

I don't think I will ever take this view for granted.

When I let Otis and Milo out every morning
I look at it.

When I wash dishes I see it from
my kitchen window.

All through the summer day,
we watch purple martins soar above it.
We dread the day they return to Sao Paulo.

But in the fall Mr. & Mrs. Smith,
two Canadian geese,
may return to the pond.

not often enough 😉,
two little granddaughters return
to enjoy the pond.

When we've been very very good,
at the end of the day
there are watercolor sunsets
reflecting on the surface.

At dusk,
Otis and Milo, RH and I,
take one last turn around the yard
and say goodnight to the pond.

It has no name.

It is our neighbor's pond
although it is closer to our door than his,
our view of it is better than his,
and he said I could name it. 
He's so nice to share it with us.
He also brings us pecan pies and blackberries.

I hope to never leave enjoyment behind me
searching for it afield.

So much of it is here at home.

What would you name it if you were me?


  1. oh my.
    you know how I love naming things... cottages and even cars.
    as far as I can see... that little pond and that little sweet cottage literally saved your lives. I think you both might have died prematurely in florida. RH from working himself to death in that heat. and you from literally a broken heart.
    so I don't know. it's your beautiful pond to name. and it will come to you!
    I would probably name it in honor of one of the writers I have loved since I was literally 10 years old and read her column in a magazine. I used to curl up in the big dark green chair in my gram's living room and soak up the atmosphere of all that she wrote about. it was a sense of stability for me.
    I would name it stillmeadow pond.
    and those pictures make me feel so happy! for you. and for RH. and for your little picturesque pond! XOXO♥

  2. Tam, whether the pond gets named your suggestion or not, I'm sure that those same articles and Gladys Taber books have influenced many things in my own life too, and any name will most likely reflect that.

    Such a sweet comment, Tammy!

  3. Seen from multiple perspectives, this pretty pond 'across the way', reflects the picturesque beauty that surrounds you, Dewena, so that you may enjoy it all day, in all seasons.

    But, as you are anticipating autumn this year, more than ever, I know the pond will put on a spectacular show, especially for you. I hear its leafy, lead actors are being measured for the most colourful costumes as we speak!

    My dear Southern Belle, these are two of the most picturesque pics you have ever posted, and they took my breath away, for many reasons. Firstly, because the pond is utterly idyllic, and secondly, because it makes you very happy. Naming things is personal, but I guess, for the reasons I mention, I would call it Pure Bliss Pond, but I'm no Gladys Taber!

    In the meantime, thanks for your own eloquent 'reflection'.


    1. Poppy, I'm so glad you liked the pond photos, this time RH's. And I do look forward to autumn around the pond but for the first time in my life I'm treasuring each day of summer--naturally during the heat of the day I'm enjoying it from inside an air conditioned house!

      And this pond is indeed on my Bliss List! Isn't it nice that the older one gets the simpler the things that give us bliss the better? But then you're still just a baby, you have a ways to go before you're old enough for that!!

      You may not be a Gladys Taber but she would have loved you, you would have been simpatico.