Friday, June 23, 2017

"Time Enough for Dreaming"

There are certain times in the year when dreams seem possible,
even seem destined to come true.

June is one of them,
maybe because of the leftover emotions
from childhood--
School is out! Summer is here!

June seems like a new beginning.

Is that why so many weddings are in June?

Our dear Gladys Taber wrote:

" June one feels the security
that summer has just begun,
there is time enough for dreaming."

I do a lot of dreaming when I look through my vintage magazine collection
and the June issues are my second favorite.
Christmas issues claim first place with me.

I'm still a sucker for Bride covers and the above one from The Ladies' Home Journal
issue of June 1951 was my happy place this morning as I wait for the heavy rains and predicted strong weather to arrive.

We got up at 5:30 a.m. to get some things done before we lost the sunshine.
It's been a beautiful June morning and RH got a few plants in the ground before breakfast. 

I clipped some long legged herbs before the rains could beat them down.

Flowers on the tarragon were already weighing it down and they make a pretty bouquet 
in my kitchen window.
Did you know the flowers are edible too?

I can snip them for my salad dressings this week and maybe some for the pork chops RH plans on cooking for us because the sage needs to grow some more before harvesting.

I hope the model above,
bride Francine de Fere in her 
Christian Dior gown,
had her wedding dreams come true.

I didn't have a Christian Dior wedding gown but I did have a smaller version of her bridal bouquet.

Stephanotis was standard bridal bouquet flowers back then, and a decade later mine had it with gardenias--divine scent!

Looking out the window now, I see the rains have arrived. I hope people in the way of these storms are safe.
Tropical Storm Cindy has already claimed the life of a 10-year old boy, his and his parents' dreams ended.

Cherish your beautiful dreams.

I'm going to dream this summer
and I hope you do too.

Summer has just begun!


  1. oh DSM!
    I always get an excited smile when I see 'across the way' show up in my mail box!
    and a vintage magazine! my favorite! and we were even just talking about them with poppyK earlier! I wish I had saved some of my mother's. don't ever get rid of them! either of you!
    it's not that I live in the past. but they have a peculiar way of calming me down and making me feel good! like everything is right with the world.

    and I wouldn't recognize an herb if I saw one! not even rosemary. well. that's not true. I've seen rosemary used as décor at Christmas time. LOL.
    and I think I've never eaten a flower!
    this was a delightful post!
    a celebration of JUNE. I love the way you describe things.
    yes. just as poppyk is a poet. you DSM are a writer. XOXO♥

    1. I think I sometimes do live in the past, Tammy, especially the 1950s and early 1960s. But that seems a harmless pastime, doesn't it? At least I'm not out honky-tonking!

      But if I ever do decide to be a Honky Tonk Angel, I'll invite you to go along with me, my dear friend who flatters me with praise.

    2. If I am the Poet and DeWena is the Writer, then surely, YOU, Ms. Tam are the sTory Teller!♥

  2. Like you, I know when it's time to go to my stash of old decorating magazines, knowing that once I start to leaf through one, my mood will lift, so that by the time I reach the last page, one usually dedicated to black and white real estate ads, as opposed to all the glossy, colourful photos of enchanting homes before it, I feel as though I've visited each of them, had tea in their gardens and heard stories about each one's quirks. Upon my arrival back to reality, I feel refreshed, as I ponder what I will tell my hostess next time, at tea, when she asks me what's quirky about my own home, out here in the country.

    Yes, let's make time enough to dream, my friends, to awake renewed and inspired until the next time.

    Sweet dreams, my dear Dewena!


    1. Sweet dreams to you too, dear Poppy! And it's about time for that where you are, isn't it?

      It is odd how much a magazine can comfort and inspire. For awhile I thought blogs would replace magazines and some favorites folded but new ones are appearing. I remember the day I got rid of all the early years of Country Living and Country Home--wish I had them back!

      Goodnight dear friend!


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