Friday, May 13, 2022

It's May! Can you stand it?


May is almost too wonderful to bear. 

 When I opened the curtains this morning, the front porch was a bower of purple clematis, overnight!

 The Kousa dogwood that RH planted as a veritable twig a few years ago now fills the window. He planted it much too close to the house but it was a matter of sidewalk and water line limiting spaces to dig. This year is the first for it to be loaded with white flower bracts making it a replacement for the huge Kousa at Valley View that was like a bridal bouquet in front of my bedroom window every May.

And this is what one daughter-in-law brought me on Mother's Day, a sample from the Valley View dogwood. The bracts are huge!

This a bouquet RH brought inside one morning last week, a twig from one of our two black locusts trees here. I could have sworn I dusted that lampshade. The lamp's an oldie that we bought in 1973, made in Denmark, or was it Sweden? 

And the clock radio was a gift from my firstborn after I did a post here hinting to him (if he saw the blog post) that I sure would adore a 1953 Zenith clock radio because it was SO Me!

Unbeknownst [I've always wanted to use that word] to me, he researched it and searched high and low to find this beautiful piece. He told me it was a big seller in its time, nicknamed The Owl Series. If you look at it closely you'll guess why.


We have a small locust tree in the middle of some trees in our turnaround and a very large one outside the bathroom window. The week the trees were in bloom we had the windows open and they perfumed the house magnificently. [It helped mask the odor of pee on area rugs. I'm sorry, BreeBree, but you know you do choose not to use the pee pad sometime.]

 Here's the turnaround where the small locust is and another May gift of nature.

 Believe me, we're the most popular driveway in the neighborhood with the UPS and FED-X drivers with this turnaround near the kitchen door.  And look how large the wild rose has grown this year!

A climbing rose planted by Mother Nature!

And to end my tribute to early May's gifts, here is a lovely bouquet brought to me last weekend from our youngest son's garden.


The fragrance of these peonies was amazing and they were gorgeous.

Ah, May, you're almost too wonderful to bear! 

But I'm up for the challenge.


  1. Your May is really wonderful! Such beauty in your corner. How sweet of your firstborn to research and find the radio for you - a gift of love. The peonies are some of my favourites, and will be late here, so I'm glad to enjoy yours. Happy weekend!

  2. oh i enjoyed the whole post. I, too, love spring and here in the mountains the dogwoods in some areas are finally blooming. I saw three pink dogwood trees over at Lake Arrowhead the other day and of couse, got photos of the. Love the flower photos and i can see why the purple blooms outside the window were so awesome when you opened the drapes.

  3. All those blooms are magnificent! Your clematis is wonderful...I can't wait until mine blooms. It's along the fence of our neighbor's house, which we see right out our bedroom window. I noticed buds on the clematis yesterday so it won't be long 'til mine blooms.

    I love that clock radio! What a fantastic gift.

  4. I Love this post! it's Glorious! it's full of Joy! and I don't know what else to say!
    I can't seem to not end a sentence with an exclamation point!
    Happy May!

  5. What a beautiful May you are having! I love all of your blooms. I also love your retro radio and that lovely cobalt blue lamp. - Briana from Texas

  6. Lovely to see your blooms. We had instant tulip open and drop with our 90's temps last week, I'm hoping our viburnum will hang on for this weeks cooler temps and open up. Such crazy weather, you are so lucky with those lovely varieties!

  7. Such lovely May blooms, a delight to see.

    All the best Jan

  8. The beautiful month of May is a very special month for me, for it is the month in which I gave birth to my daughter, 33 years ago! It went by in a flash! It is also YOUR birthday, my sweet friend, and I know how much you have come to anticipate all of God's gifts, springing to new life, around your birthday!

    What an array of stunning flowers all over your property, as well as the delightful bouquets gifted to you! Oh, I can just imagine the scent of those pretty peonies! I miss them so much, as I do the lilacs of Ontario!

    How thoughtful and sweet your first born was to take the time to research and find that 1953 Zenith clock radio that is SO his mama! Just at the top of my head, the simple fact that the radio resembles a wise and wonderful owl, must have been the clincher that inspired him to buy it!

    Happy May, my friend!
    Poppy xx