Saturday, June 19, 2021

A rose is a rose...even when it's not a David Austin rose.

 I am so guilty of coveting the David Austin roses I see on Instagram. I look at them and think that if I were even ten years younger, that's where my money would go. 

But priorities went to putting in a garden to sit in when we moved here five years ago and roses got left out except for a red Knock Out rose that RH planted outside the fence to distract from the trash can sitting close.


A glimpse of this rose bush through the kitchen door makes me happy May through October. And I couldn't ask for a prettier picture than the one above that RH snapped one morning while taking out the trash. 

But it is climbing David Austin roses that I am far too greedy for even though I can't think of a place for them to climb without the deer getting to them. 

This year a climbing rose magically appeared in the trees in our turn-around!


It wasn't there last year. The only wild roses here were down in the thick road hedge, pretty but too far away to enjoy.

And yet this one sprang full grown and drooped gracefully to the ground. 

Close enough to walk to every morning when feeding the birds. 

Close enough for me to bury my face in and inhale its scent, close enough to study it's old fashioned petals.

Even if it's not a David Austin rose.




  1. it's beautiful Dewena. maybe you have a rose fairy who lives nearby!
    she thought you needed it just in that spot.
    the pictures you show of Home Hill are lovely. you and RH have turned it into a sanctuary and your special touch is everywhere.

  2. What a wonderful surprise. Nature can be such a mystery.
    I thought you had turned off your comments but I see I am able to leave one.
    Hopefully that's ok :)

  3. How pretty and charming and utterly inviting - the arch to me looks like a magical and intriguing gateway to a floral fairy land! I would have never guessed that these adorable, vanilla petals are those of roses. The origin of this cluster of cuteness is, indeed, a mystery! It's all so enchanting!

    Enjoy the sight, scent and presence of your gorgeous and mysterious residents!

    Happy Sunday, Dewena,
    Poppy xoxo

  4. Both your rose bushes are so beautiful! Amazing that a climbing rose bush would just magically appear like that. My grandmother had the most amazing rose gardens. And when I was a little girl, my mom had a rose garden in a circle in our back yard with a bird bath in the middle. I've tried rose bushes a couple of times and they died on me. I'm afraid I just don't know how to take care of them properly. I certainly didn't inherit that skill!

  5. Oh, Dewena! How utterly Providential. God gave you roses. And they're lovely! Happy Tuesday, my dear. Hope you have a good day!

  6. Yes, I agree on your hubby's photo! So pretty! I haven't had many roses. I have one at the lake on an arbor and after a lot of neglect, it's blooming like crazy. I have to post pics this summer.

    Are you doing okay with the heat and storms? Seems were all have the same weather.😡

  7. Hello Dewena,
    You have a lovely garden and seem to do quite well with it.
    I have a question --> my coneflower is rooting plants out of the flower instead of seeding like normal. Would you happen to know what it is doing??
    Take care,

  8. That was certainly a gift from God!