Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Snow Is Faling

"The snow is falling, silently, gently, beyond the panes.

Every branch is limned with snow.

There is no footprint across the wide lawn
among the great trees.

The field where the ground pine creeps is white
and the stone fence beyond it
is white also.

The woods are still and secret under the snow.

I have ever had the feeling that the
home of a true writer is in the 
center of a still snowfall,
where all his world is hidden,
so that he may discover it out of his own vision."

Nelia Gardner White

from The Pink House


  1. so beautiful Dewena.
    the poem and the view from your window and that smile from RH at the sink. hope your doctor visit turned out okay and your cold is finally better. ♥

  2. Hello Tammy! I feel much better, thank you. It was snowing big fat flakes, which I couldn't capture with the camera, and I was trying to do short video of it to send Christy in Florida of her daddy doing dishes and watching the snow. On this shot I forgot to hit "video" so it was my one still photo. I thought it was kind of cute!