Sunday, December 24, 2017

O Holy Night

From Claudia and David by Rose Franken, 1939:

"It never failed--people who believed in birthdays invariably believed in Christmas. Not that Claudia didn't believe in Christmas, as far as Christ was concerned.

"But she didn't think that He had anything to do with crowded stores, and suddenly polite elevator boys, and nervous wrecks. She didn't even think He would have liked the excitement and the to-do.

"She did think, however, that He'd have adored last Christmas on the farm. Snow had fallen during the night, and at dawn, Louella's second calf had been born.

"She and David and her mother and Fritz and Bertha, had all gathered in the barn, and as they had started to walk back to the house across the lawn, Bertha had suddenly begun to sing O Holy Night, and Fritz had taken it up in his rich thick voice.

"Before they knew it they were all singing. And it was less singing than some deep expression from within, like prayer.

"Claudia had felt the tears on her cheeks, but nobody asked, "Why are you crying?" Because it wasn't crying, anymore than it was singing. It was as if that same quality of prayer lay upon all of them, and it made Christmas the  Holy Day that it really was.

"They hadn't even remembered the presents until hours later."

May each of us experience that one moment during Christmas when the presents don't even matter.

Merry Christmas to all,
Dewena and RH

The following photograph is in memory of my Grandpa Mickle,
on the left with his brother on the right,
at the Nativity Scene of the city of Belle Isle, Florida
on December 18, 1955.


  1. Oh, Dewena, I absolutely LOVED this excerpt from 'Claudia and David', by Rose Franken; it so eloquently describes that special, precious moment, when Christians truly feel the spirit of Jesus in their hearts:

    "Before they knew it they were all singing. And it was less singing than some deep expression from within, like prayer."

    I could almost hear the beautifully peaceful melody of 'O Holy Night', one of my favourite Christmas songs, being quietly sung with such love and sensitivity.

    On a similar 'note' another favourite song, both for its music and lyrics, sung by Perry Como (for me, Perry Como's warm and comforting voice is synonymous with Christmas) speaks of the importance of 'That Christmas Feeling', and what an amazing effect it could have on mankind, if we all shared it with one another:

    "Christmas helps you to remember,
    To do what other folks hold dear
    What a blessed place the world would be,
    If we had the Christmas feelin' all year!"

    What a lovely, family treasure that photo of your grandfather is. Thank you for sharing it.

    Wishing you a cozy, holy night, dear friend.


    1. Poppy, O Holy Night IS Christmas for me! But I know what you mean about your Perry Como and his That Christmas Feeling. For me it is Robert Goulet's This Christmas I Spend With You. Ever heard it? I don't believe I've ever heard it performed by any other person and I dearly love it.

  2. oh darling sister mine.
    you and poppyk have said it all. "a cozy holy night."
    sitting here in the quietness alone. just got on the computer.
    and here you both are!
    the marine came over and just knocked on the door. he never does that!
    we sat here and reminisced about Christmas. it was wonderful.
    I wish for you love. and blessings beyond measure. XO♥

    1. Tam, I love thinking about the Marine knocking on your door for a surprise Christmas Eve visit. Two siblings sitting to reminisce about childhood Christmases and your beloved parents. It's the little unexpected things that bring the most joy, don't you think?


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