Friday, January 29, 2016

"In Schrafft's"

                                  "Having finished the Blue-plate Special
                                And reached the coffee stage,
                                Stirring her cup she sat,
                                A somewhat shapeless figure
                                Of indeterminate age
                                In an undistinguished hat."

                                               W. H. Auden


  1. I love these old pictures.
    and w h Auden another favorite of mine.
    that poem matthew read at the funeral in 'four weddings and a funeral'
    will bring you to tears. at least it does me. even now. after seeing it so many times.
    and who doesn't love and old time drug store!

    1. I know just the Auden poem you mean. Reduces me to tears every time I hear the actor say it at the funeral. And I have the Auden book it comes from. Absolutely marvelous as are so many of his poems.

      Some might think this is a strange post, Tam, but it stayed with me for years and I finally began collecting Schrafft ads in old magazines and put this together. There was also a Schrafft recipe that I wanted to make and include but this seemed to need to be all alone. And it seemed to be the right timing when I was posting about soda shops at the other blog.

      I would love to sit on a Schrafft stool at the old location in NYC, wouldn't you? Our diets totally forgotten?

  2. I didn't know you were going to post more on here, Dewena! I thought that one time was a fluke.

    I love this post and the last couple, but this one is pure life "back then".


  3. Hi Rue! I meant to post much more often here but life got too busy. Thank you for the comment! Auden's poem touched my heart and I waited until I could find a woman who I felt personified the poem for me. Actually this photo was not taken in Schrafft's. I have one that is from there but the women in it looked too fashionable.


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