Saturday, January 23, 2016

I'll Take These

I'll take a chandelier like this...

Track lighting like this...

Colors of the year like these...

A foyer like this...

Camouflage like this...

Chair cushions like this...

A statement necklace like this...

And three sisters to paint the town with
when I'm all dressed up...


  1. Good Afternoon Dewena,
    I am with you, Mother Nature does the very best decorating of all, any time of the year! Although, I must say that way she dresses for Winter is some of my favorite moments of all.
    I love your blog design-all fresh, crisp and bringing in 2016 with style!
    Wishing you a lovely day,

    1. Yes, I think that too when she drapes us in white ermine, Jemma. And then come pink apple blossom fluffy crinolines with daffodils at our toes. And then she brings us emerald green gowns, but I think the wardrobe that pleases me the most are the many colored gowns of October where I feel I must have sipped on Autumn wine!

      Just cannot make up my mind!

      Thank you, Jemma, for visiting here at my old Across the Way!

  2. Oh, Dewena, you are such a savvy shopper, definitely a gal who knows exactly what she wants when she sees it! Who wouldn't want all these gorgeous, seasonal goods, 'products' made by Mother Nature herself, handmade to perfection! That sparkly, statement necklace and the snowball chandelier are the ideal accessories for every gal and her home!

    Love your idea of shopping therapy, my friend!

    Stay warm!


    1. I'm so glad you spotted my snowball chandelier, Poppy! Who knew that a snowflake ball given to me by grandson Alex when he was about 13 would someday be transformed into a sparkling chandelier of the finest Murano glass, the centerpiece of our outdoor winter white palace?

      I will always hope to take you along on some shopping therapy, dear Poppy, when someday you and Liberty visit Music City, USA!

  3. i am the sister on the right... short and dumpy ...
    but SO HAPPY to be part of valley view! LOLOL
    these are wonderful.
    and... on the shopping trip with poppy...
    i'll be trailing after you girls carrying all the packages!!!
    then we'll stop for tea and goodies and TALK AND TALK!!!

    1. What a shopping trip that would be, Tam! And the conversation would be the icing on the cake. Let's plan it for warmer temperatures than right now, though. Spring will come, won't it?


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