Thursday, October 31, 2013

"The Night Is Moonstruck"

by Phyllis McGinley

The night is moonstruck, the night is merry.
Haunted by shades abroad together...

They cast long shadows, or roly-poly.
They tamper with doorbells. They chalk the stairs

Swarming past hedges like sparrow flocking,
The gravel cracking beneath their feet,
Flutter the children. When they come knocking,
Open the door to them, Trick or Treat.

Open the door to phantom and vagrant,
Whistle them in from the wild outside

Comfort them quickly with candied apples.
Stay them with pennies and lollypops.

Or they may forget how their beds are standing--
Sheets turned down, and a light in the hall--

Coax them, wheedle them, call to them fonder
Than ever you did on an evening yet

Treat them or trick them. But bar the door
Till the Shade is bewitched to a child once more.

A Happy & Safe Halloween to Each of You!

We hope you enjoyed these old photographs of our children when they were young--and the two new ones of granddaughter Nora enjoying Trunk or Treat at church as Tinker Bell. She had so much fun!

R.H. & I hope you'll return here to Across the Way tomorrow for our
First-Year Blog Anniversary post!


  1. Those little faces and those costumes are so cute! What a sassy gypsy! Tinker Bell is precious.

    I am looking forward to your anniversary post.

  2. Dewena, I absolutely love the old photos of your children. Plus the little tinkerbell is so sweet. I wish I had my little spooky girls back home with me.:):) My girls did love going trick or treating. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Oh Dewena! What precious photos of your children and Nora! So darling! Thank you for sharing them!

  4. GRRRREEEEAAAATTTT post, Dewena. I just love all those pictures of your sweet kids and of Nora. What fun-Great poem, too. Enjoy your day- xo Diana

  5. Such fun traveling down memory lane with you, Dewena! Nora couldn't be any cuter, and I just love the next to last photo! Happy 1-year anniversary!

  6. Loved the poem and the pics of your costumed cuties! Little Nora is the prettiest fairy in the land!

    Looking forward to your one year blog anniversary post, my friend! I've already planned a cafe au lait and chocolate croissant to keep me company when I click on here tomorrow morning!

    Wishing you a cozy All Hallows' Eve!


  7. I love this, Dewena!

    Happy Halloween!

  8. years from now . . .
    and the pictures come out and are oohed and awed over once again . . .
    that tiny hand of tinker bell holding the one strong finger of her daddy . . .
    it doesn't get much sweeter than that.
    thank you for the best walk down halloween street I've had in a long long time!!!
    love and major snoopy hug,
    and ps . . . does wallace make the cutest peter pan ever !!!! ??? YES.

  9. I was one cute kid!! :-) Very cool post mom! My little niece Nora is the cutest most precious little girl ever!!

  10. GREAT Halloween post and the pics are adorable! :)

  11. Aw...such sweet memories for all your phamily! Goodness how I miss those days when I stood in front of the oven baking cupcakes by the dozens and then I chopped carrots and celery . The dips I packed. The Halloween parades at school! Sigh! sweet memories and I am glad you shared your here too.


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