Friday, October 4, 2013

Do You Eat the Speckled Pears?

"To put off until tomorrow what one should enjoy today
is a wasteful act. 
Today's joy may be stale tomorrow...

Such a person as this once lived in the state of Connecticut.
It was her custom when visited in summer by her niece
to offer to her young guest a bowl of pears for her refreshment.

Now the bowl always contained good pears and speckled pears.

But only the speckled pears could be eaten today.

The good pears must be saved for tomorrow,

until they in turn became speckled--

and so on forward until the end of peardom!"

Abbie Graham in Time Off and On, 1939

Do you want to go through the rest of your days eating life's speckled pears? 

The good pears are sitting there waiting for you to partake of now--

crisp, juicy, blemish-free.

Tomorrow they could be speckled. 


  1. That's a great analogy, Dewena.! The older I get the more I try to enjoy the moments as they come. xo Diana

  2. Good morning Sis, Wow you always hit the nail on the head!
    I'm striving to enjoy and live today, yesterday is gone and do not fret about tomorrow.
    Thanks for this post of confirmation of savor the day. Have a wonderful day, love you, Deb

  3. I eat them! They are just as sweet!

  4. I certainly DO eat the speckled pears, mostly because I feel sorry for them. Personifying these 'past their prime' pretties allows me not to hurt their feelings, consequently sparing them more speckles, or 'pear tears', if you will. For, if they are not eaten, then their purpose on this earth will have gone to waste. They will rot, BUT, if they're tossed in the compost bin, (and not the OTHER bin), they will hopefully help in the growth of a NEW pear tree or fertilize another future food group!

    So, yes, I swear by the speckled pear, for it has spotted flair, and in doing so, I do my good deed for the day, thus making it a fruitful one!

    Lots of food for thought here, my friend! LOVE your food styling and pics! Tell me, were your speckled subjects as sweet as they were photogenic, or did you pass them over for their crispier counterparts?


  5. What a sweet post! I eat them too just as delicious!

  6. This reminds me of Mr Tomkins, the gardener/odd job man who worked for my mother and father-in-law. Mother-in-law told him that he could pick up the windfall apples to take home to his sister but, when she looked out of the window later, she saw him picking apples from the trees to put into his bag. She called him to the house and reminded him that she had offered him the fallen apples. "Ah" said Tomkins, "I just picked the ones that were going to fall tomorrow."
    Obviously he was not a speckled pear kind of man!

  7. Dewena, Let's just eat them all. :):) As a child, there would never be a piece of wasted fruit around our house.. I love the comment from Monix...too cute. xoxo,Susie

  8. Delightful post and Monix's comment was funny. I love speckled pears and speckled bananas!

  9. I love this post Dewena. A good reminder that we should take advantage of every opportunity and not let it slip by for it might not come again. Do it not...don't wait for speckles.

  10. A great reminder to take advantage of opportunities each day.

  11. Pretty I want a pear. I like bananas almost green so I'd probably skip the speckled pears and eat the others. After all, we don't know if we'll be here tomorrow.... You know my thoughts are deeper. LOL

  12. Thought provoking post, Dewena. I wonder when thinking of fruit, as with life . .if we wait for the perfect amount of ripeness before we partake, are we likely to miss the pleasure entirely?

  13. but the speckled pears have the greatest flavor, Dewena.

  14. Interesting metaphor Dewena, and yes, I eat them, but usually as 'pear butter'. :).

  15. Oh, my visceral is that!?!?! Lesson for today :)


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