Friday, September 20, 2013

Iron Mountain Pottery

This is a blatant attempt to sneak in a late summer post while it's still summer and use some of R.H.'s pretty pictures.

These sturdy green bowls are from the Iron Mountain Pottery in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee. The pottery closed in 1992 but there is a blog that tells you all about it [here].

This green pattern is called Evergreen and hard to find today. We bought them on a trip to the Iron Mountains in 1985.

I use them often but never put them in the dishwasher. Here they were used for taco salad (no chips for me) when our daughter and son-in-law visited us Labor Day weekend.

Here's a picture of Christy and Bryan all spiffed up when they returned from a special luncheon celebrating their son Alex's engagement that weekend to his fiancé Melissa!

I found the tablecloth at Goodwill and naturally it called for sunflowers for the centerpiece.

The glasses are red Fenton. We have blue and green too, bought many decades ago. I've been told that true Fenton glasses stack where reproduction glasses don't. All I know is that they're pretty.

I used these Evergreen bowls again two weeks ago for a dinner of Oprah's Okra Shrimp Gumbo. (The shrimp was from Key West and delicious.)

I left off white rice and instead decided to indulge my craving for my favorite potato salad that is based on a recipe from the great Nathalie Dupree. 

This small yellow pyrex bowl of potato salad was supposed to be healthy, wasn't it? Lots of chopped celery and onions, sliced olives and organic eggs from a nice young couple down the street. All marinated in olive oil and apple cider vinegar overnight. Of course, I did add in some organic mayo with no sugar from Trader Joe's.

I gained back 4 pounds of the 11 I had lost. I must admit that this one little bowl was not all the potato salad I ate over the next three days. It's taken me another week to lose those 4 pounds so now I still have to lose another 4 pounds in order to be able to buy that lampshade for a 15 lb. loss reward.

You weren't able to read that, were you? Good.

All posts must come to an end so that's it today, folks. Sometimes you just have to be drippy, I mean sneaky.


  1. Your table looks so pretty. I love your dishes and the sunflowers.

    Oh, potato salad, it's one of my downfalls too!

  2. What a lovely way to sign off for the summer with a beautifully set table and appetizing dishes! I LOVE that tablecloth and it IS perfect with the sunflowers! What a special way to celebrate the holiday. RH took some amazing photos; he's got a good eye! Thanks for sharing your wonderful gathering and the story behind the gorgeous glassware and pottery!

    Happy weekend, to you!


    PS: I would have gotten to that creamy potato salad before you had a chance!:-)

  3. The tater salad was great but I missed out on the gumbo :(

  4. Not happy that you gained..but the small print made me LOL. I do the same. Just keep moving in the right direction. Jump back on that wagon! lol

  5. Your daughter is beautiful. Nice photo of her and her husband.
    The table is gorgeous. The tablecloth was a great find for your dishes and glassware. Everything looks perfect.
    I giggled at the small print....I'll just pretend I could not read it!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Your pottery and glasses are lovely and the tablecloth would be a real winner with my grandchildren! Congratulations for the pounds you have lost, I'm sure you got right back on track when your visitors left (imagine this is going into tiny font size now)unless you did what I do and finished off all the special food you had prepared for them. It's so hard, isn't it? But you are getting there and that lampshade will be appearing in a photo very soon, I'm sure.

  7. I'm hungry now, Miss Sneaky. Beautiful family you have there. Lovely table, too. I feel your pain. I gained back five of the thirty-five pounds I lost, and that last five won't budge.

  8. I'm hungry now, Miss Sneaky. Beautiful family you have there. Lovely table, too. I feel your pain. I gained back five of the thirty-five pounds I lost, and that last five won't budge.

  9. Back again. Just wanted to say, in my younger days, I loved Taylor Caldwell's "Dear and Glorious Physician." I noticed on Pinterest, you and I like a lot of the same authors. :)

  10. The table looks so lovely, and the food looks wonderful…all made complete by photos of your beautiful family.

  11. Very nice pottery...very pretty daughter...good looking potato salad...and yes, I could read that! But I'll bet you enjoyed it!

  12. Lovely table; the tablecloth and dishes are both gorgeous...nice way to end the summer. your daughter and son-in-law are beautiful.Keep up the good work, so you gain and lose you get back in and keep going! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  13. Beautiful photos! I love the tablecloth and pottery! Your daughter and son-in-law are lovely together. As for the potato salad... my one weakness...yummy! Have a great weekend!

  14. Laughed my way through this one... I have that tablecloth here... somewhere... I'll take a picture tomorrow of the one I got at the Good Shepherd for 75 cents last week!

  15. I love those green bowls! Your table is pretty, the food looks delicious. Daughter and son in law are beautiful!

    I used to have a tablecloth similar to yours. I made it when we lived on the farm.

    Happy Fall, Dewena!

  16. What a wonderful find! I love the tablecloth, and sunflowers are a perfect centerpiece with it!
    Those green bowls are so pretty, and would come in handy for several occasions, especially Christmas! I love pottery.

  17. Lovely photos, good food, and gorgeous dishes! Beautiful pottery.

  18. Love the green bowls and the sunflowers are gorgeous. You have some great finds. Happy Fall to you and your lovely family...xo Linda


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