Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"For All People"

In memory of the victims of the Navy Yard shootings and in remembrance of the hurting families left to mourn them:

For All People

by Jane Merchant

God bless and fortify them

God hear when they entreat,

The strong, courageous people

Too brave to own defeat.

And oh, God bless and help them,

God answer when they call,

The tired, defeated people

Who are not brave at all.


  1. Such a shocking tragedy, Derwena. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.

  2. Beautifully said Dewena; another sad day my prayers and condolences go to all the families.


  3. They are all in my prayers.

  4. you find the most moving words.
    simple. and beautiful.
    and true.
    we're simply in His hands. whenever. whatever.
    thank you dearest one. everyone hurting in this world should be able to read that. there are so many now. we lift them up. xoxoxo

  5. Beautiful!
    I still can't believe such a tragic time in DC
    My prayers are with all the victims and their families.

  6. Such a meaningful post, Dewena. It makes me so sad that these incidents of horror and tragedy have us mourning for our fellow countrymen much too frequently. I pray for this world - for those who experience the effects of violence and for those who are tortured enough to commit such violence. laurie

  7. That is a beautiful poem that expresses the horror and sadness of tragedy. x

  8. A wonderful poem for a very sad day, indeed.

  9. Dear Dewena,

    I wanted to read up on this tragedy before I commented, as I had not turned on the television for days, and after visiting a couple of news sites, I am sad to say that once again, the horror of innocent people losing their precious lives in such violent attacks is heart breaking and beyond my comprehension.

    Your selected poem here today is a peaceful prayer for the victims and their families, who will be in my thoughts today. Thank you for sharing it.



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