Monday, June 17, 2013

Our One Ewe Lamb's Birthday!

R.H. and I have one daughter. Even though she hoped for a little sister, it was not to be. 
Truthfully, we think she's come to like that she only has brothers.


How could one little girl have been so much a tomboy, and yet have so much 
"enjoyed being a girl"?


How could a kindergartner who insisted on wearing a purple flowered shirt to school,
 with green stripe pants, have grown up to have so much style?


She continued to amaze us, even going on to earn her degree while raising two sons.
 I often stood in awe of the great job she did with both.


Through a sad year of divorce, one constant was the love between 
our grandsons and their mother--
and between our grandsons and their father.


There were some years there where she once again needed her mother and father,
 especially her strong father.


Eventually there came a day when this Tennessee daughter of ours
 met a wonderful man from Massachusetts--in Florida!


Over time, two families realized that they would be very happy to become one.


And so they did.

 Happy birthday, dearest daughter!

 You were beautiful in your wedding gown, 
but then you've always been beautiful to us,
 even in a purple flowered shirt and green stripe pants.


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!!!

  2. Sweet, sweet post. I love the way you unfolded this story. xo, Olive

  3. Hello Dewena,

    A Happy Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! May she be blessed with health, happiness and love! Thank you for sharing this sweet portrait of your girl!

    Have a great week!


  4. Your daughter sounds like a very special woman, a younger version of you, I'm sure! I hope you are all having a wonderful celebration.

  5. why on earth am i sitting here with tears in my eyes!
    but i am.
    this is a beautiful post. not only a tribute to christy herself but bryan as well and the two of them making a wonderful family whole. such healthy and beautiful children... ALL! i'm proud of them right along with you and i don't even know them!
    i'm thinking her mom and dad were the guiding light and still are. lovely dewena. lovely. xo

  6. Now this was a sweet post!!!
    Happy birthday to your amazing daughter!!!

  7. Beautiful post, Dewena. And beautiful daughter and family!

  8. Beautiful post with a happy ending!

  9. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful and beautiful daughter. Happy birthday to her!

  10. Dewena, such a sweet love story; thanks for sharing and many years of happiness to all of you.

  11. Just lovely, so touching and beautiful! :)

  12. Dewena, this was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful daughter. How wonderful to show and tell her how proud you are, and you are justified in your pride. It sounds like she has turned into an amazing woman. I love that first photo of her in that precious dress. laurie

  13. All I have to say is, I love this post Dewena. Fabulous, beautiful daughter!

  14. You did a great job raising her - and you forgot to mention, she's a knock-out beauty!

  15. So lovely. A beautiful story. A beautiful daughter. I know you are proud. XO

  16. Dewena, this is the sweetest
    tribute, ever. It's evident that
    the apple did not fall far from
    her momma "tree!" I love a good
    happily ever after.....

    xo Suzanne

  17. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and stories about your beautiful daughter. She is gorgeous!


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