Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Memorial Day Weekend

Our daughter and son-in-law visited us this weekend with our grand-doggies, their schnauzers.

After a dinner of the good smoked chicken R.H. made, we got to bed early for a work day ahead. Yes, these two nice children of ours spent their weekend off from their busy jobs helping R.H. with some gardening chores. Both Christy and Bryan headed for the lawnmowers the next morning, where acres of tall grass were waiting.

But Christy soon let Bryan take over the big hill out back and spent the rest of her time helping her father weed and plant flats of annuals and 100 caladium bulbs, which will soon fill these and other planters in our backyard with beautiful color.

Christy tackled the big job of cleaning our picnic shelter for the summer season, washing the tables and chairs and serving counter, and scrubbing the floor. (Not to mention washing all the deck chairs.)

Father and daughter enjoyed gardening together again, the dogs all getting underfoot. (These fuzzy pictures are mine. I thought it was on point and shoot. The good pictures are R.H.'s.)

They relaxed at the end of the day while Bryan was still working hard mowing grass far away in the valley. More good father-daughter time.

Bryan finished his mowing and the two cleaned up to welcome two more special guests to our house for a steak supper in the picnic shelter.

The fiancé of their son Luke, and the girlfriend of their son Alex were our lovely guests. Our grandsons were both out of state this weekend but we loved having these sweet girls join us and pose for R.H. in the garden.

Bryan took them all back to Armstrong's Hill to show them the newly mown hill.

I just got a text letting us know that Christy and Bryan and the schnauzers had landed safely tonight. Thank you so much for all your help, kids, and the good talks and the good company.

We're going to miss you here at Valley View. Come back soon. There will always be more grass to cut and weeds to pull.


  1. Isn't family great! Thanks for sharing.

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your place. It looks wonderful, and the picnic shelter is just right.

  2. What a lovely weekend. Glad you enjoyed precious time with your family. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Bless them but hard work is quite good for you. Joe and I have been ripping out azaleas and nandinas to make room for a whole new flower arrangement later. I dug them up and ripped most of them myself. It was very satisfying. Your kiddos are beautiful. I know your weekend was fun. Love your covered deck area.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Dewena. I loved all the photos, even the "fuzzy" ones. I love your picnic shelter! Beautiful people, beautiful gardens and the room in that first photo.Wow! Pretty room.

    We did a little bit of gardening over the weekend. Just when we say it's ready for Summer, we think of something else we want to do.We have a couple of projects and a trip to the lake to check on the condo. We are ready to sit on the back porch and sip a glass or two of wine.

  5. Your place is lovely, but with such a spacious home and yard comes a TON of work. You are fortunate to have had some good help. It looks like a fun and productive time together.

    I love schnauzers; they are such cute and intelligent little dogs, full of personality!

  6. Aren't adult offspring delightful? They are a wonderful reward for all those years of good parenting!

  7. Dewena, your daughter is beautiful (as are your grandsons' girlfriends), and your son-in-law is so good looking. I love your picnic shelter. What a wonderful place to relax and just enjoy your beautiful landscape. You sure did something right, since your daughter and s-i-l volunteered their time and energy to work on your yard. I bet you fed them good while they were there. laurie

  8. That was so sweet of the children to help you and your husband get things in order. You have a nice lookingfamily. Hope you are enjoying your pretty views. xoxo,Susie

  9. beautiful children! all four of them!
    and aren't grand doggies wonderful. they really can be like grandchildren!
    I just drank in your home. it's gorgeous. and it's obviously happy!
    it's artistic and warm and inviting. as i would expect your home would be.
    and now the outside gardens are beautiful too! xo

  10. Wonderful job they did....your family is beautiful! Your is lovely!

  11. what a great weekend and what memory making fun, Dewena. it's such a joy to work hard together and then have beauty to show for your efforts.

  12. A lovely weekend for you and your family. Love the father daughter photos . What a gorgeous group! How sweet of them to lend a hand. Enjoy your beautiful gardens this weekend although you miss that dear family.
    Hugs, Pam

  13. Oh what a lovely way to spend Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure it feels great to have that work done, and nothing more fun than having family around to help! You have an amazing property where many good family times have taken place, I'm sure.
    Mary Alice

  14. Nothing like phamily and what wonderful helpers they were! You are very blessed! Have a beautiful SONday!

  15. What an amazing piece of land you have! Plus such great kids that come and help you! Sounds like a really wonderful way to spend a weekend.

  16. Really enjoyed these photos and peek into your beautiful world! Sounds like a great weekend :)


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