Sunday, January 22, 2023

Testing...problem with signing into my blogs


One thing or another has kept me away from blogging these last few weeks and today both blogs told me to sign in.

When I tried to on Dewena's Window it took me here only, to my Across the Way blog, which also says sign in but does seem to be allowing me to create a new post.

So I'll hit publish and see if it shows up. If it does I still can't access Dewena's Window to try to post.

Problems always! And I had promised myself I would start trying to post on Instagram but if I can't even figure this out, what next?

I've missed blogging so much! But perhaps it's beyond me now.

Here goes, hitting Publish to see what happens.


  1. Well, the post got published but it still tells me to sign in. How did it get published if I'm not signed in?

    1. Glory be, it's working now! It took my leaving a comment at the Window to solve the problem. I hope. I can now create more posts at both blogs and will as soon as I can and try to catch up with my friends' blogs. Utterly strange what solved the problem but I'm thankful for it. Hope to resume here and at the Window soon before more confusion happens here and at home.

  2. So good to hear from you Dewena! Oh, this technology is just a curse and a blessing. I'm trying to figure out why my phone will sometimes talk to me when I ask directions, and why sometimes it just shows me a map. Is it mad at me? Being sulky? I suppose I'll never really know.

  3. Glad whatever you did, worked! :-)

  4. It's always good to read a post from you Dewena. I'm glad Blogger is cooperating with you, and I hope that continues.

  5. So happy all is working. I LOVE the magazine cover. You don't own it, do you?

  6. Hi dear sister, I have been looking for a post from you! Hopefully you get all working to post!
    Miss you & your posts!

  7. Dewena, I have trouble signing in if I use a browser other than Chrome. I generally use Brave, but I often have issues there when trying to comment on blogs. No issues using Chrome. Not sure if it's the same for you, but figured I'd mention this. Take care!