Friday, October 1, 2021

Heavenly Autumn


I have never been a lover of the hot days and I hope John Donne was right when he said it will always be autumn in heaven.

                                             Elizabeth Goudge in 

                                The Joy of the Snow



  1. Autumn is beautiful but the season makes me sad. My son, my father, my grandfather and my mother-in-law all died in September and October. And when I see all the beautiful trees and flowers withering up and fading away, it's only a constant reminder that winter is right around the corner and I absolutely dread winter. It's a way-too-long, miserable season here in northeast Illinois.

    I need to move to California. ;-)

  2. Mr. Donne! I've never heard this.

  3. I have discovered this month that autumn is easier to love in drier climates. When I arrived home from the high and dry country I felt the damp cold in my bones right away. I guess autumn is like winter, in that having the right clothes helps -- and plenty of hot tea, and brisk walks, too, I'm sure.

  4. A lovely quote, but when I picture heaven, I think of spring: flowers blooming, gardens growing, birds chirping, sun warming, blossoms scenting...all signs of new life, and an eternal one!

    In any case, I believe it's a good idea to appreciate each season; after all, the Lord gave us four different ones, each providing us with so much beauty and hope, in its own way.

    Happy weekend, my fall-loving friend!
    Poppy xo