Saturday, May 1, 2021

May of 2021...It Came!


May is here! 

"The day threatens splendour."

Ronald Blythe



It was blissful to turn my calendars to May this morning. 
31 days of May ahead, God willing!

What shall we make of them, James Mason? 



  1. Oh. My. Gosh!
    these pictures! I love them. is that Home Hill?
    it's like you've lived there always! how does that happen!???
    it's beautiful. and so it the quote that started this post.
    Splendor indeed!!! LOVE to that tiny face looking over his shoulder too. XO

    1. I know, Tam, four years already but this is only the third year for our garden. The first summer we sat under two big trees in the grass and wondered how we could make a garden there. Now it's our favorite place!

  2. I think we should spend our May days in the garden. What does James Mason think of that?


    1. He quite agrees with you, Melanie! I'm so thankful that the previous owners had five basset hounds and so had a large fenced in area for them. Now James Mason and BreeBree know it's their own personal playground and they're happy to help any gardener working in it, or just keep me company when I take a book out there.

  3. 5 Bassets! Think of that. The cuteness! That is such a nice spot to spend your May, and every month.

    1. Yes, Nan, 5! They were show dogs. Wish I could have met them but at least I can see all the scratches they left on doors!

  4. I hear ya!! I'm late to comment fo May is half over! Things are greening up here and I'm planting perennials. The pollen has me down but I do love the longer days and the lush green flora!

    Your garden is doing fabulous--it does take time but the joy is in the journey.

    Jane 🌸

  5. There's something so fresh and hopeful about a May garden isn't there? In the pic, James Mason is on the path, both literally and figuratively, to discovering all of May's magic at Home Hill!

    Having taken an internet break for most of May, I wonder what has taken place in your pretty patch of plants, flowers and trees. I have a strong hunch that in those 31 days, 'splendour' sowed its magic in the haven that is Home Hill.

    Happy June, sweet friend!
    Poppy xoxo