Thursday, November 7, 2019

Looking Back at an Autumn at Valley View

In the words of a beloved author, Agnes Sligh Turnbull:

The woods still have color left and there were rows of cornstalks with the piled-up ears and pumpkins between.

The fields in autumn always look content to me.
They remind me of mothers past middle age whose appearance seems to say, "I've lost my first beauty, but just look what I've produced!"


  1. Oh, my gosh I love this. Her words, and the picture of you!!! Thank you.

  2. I'm so happy you like it, Nan! Of course, we are both such fans of Agnes Sligh Turnbull. Have you read her journal, Dear Me? It's one that stays in my bedroom to be read over and over.

  3. Uh oh, another author Dewena is recommending that I'm not familiar with! Am I in trouble?! Now I must look her up.

    Is that a photo of you at the end, my dear friend? If so, you are beautiful! What a lovely photo. xoxo

    1. I know what you mean, Melanie, because I am always jotting down books that you are reading! That's our lot in life, I guess. Yes, that is me with Brown Eyes and was taken about six years ago. I wouldn't put it on this blog back then but compared to now it doesn't seem to bad. At least I was 6 years younger then! But thank you, sweet friend, for the compliment.

  4. I love the umbrella of copper coloured leaves, crowning, what seems to be one, single bare branched tree, among all the others. I wonder what allowed it to hang on to its autumnal brilliance just a little longer than the rest of the gnarly crowd - I'm thinking its special spot under the Tennessee sun!

    You have been gorgeous at EVERY age and stage of your wonderful life, girlfriend! Your own warm and pretty eyes and sweet smile, reflect the love you had for your adorable Brown Eyes, and it is quite clear, from his expression, that he knew it!

    Lovely words and pics, Dewena.

    Happy Saturday, my friend.


    1. You are so sweet, Poppy dear, and Brown Eyes was such a dear boy. He stayed on the farm with Zack and Court when we moved to Florida and it was not long before he fell head over heels in love with his new mama, and she with him.

      The huge tree behind the house with no leaves left is the 3rd largest elm tree in TN, and was what sold RH on the house. It has a humongous trunk. The bright orange tree in the front is the Kousa dogwood that RH planted when we moved there in 1990 and it is like a big white bridal bouquet in May and turns a gorgeous shade of orange this time of year. I must get over to see it soon. RH has planted two small ones here.

      The lighting during this particular shot during sunset was just spectacular. I don't know what weather conditions exist to make it that way and not during every sunset but we stood outside watching it until the sun went down completely. A little miracle to see for a few short minutes. Does that ever happen over your mountain there in Crete?

      Happy Saturday to you, Poppy!

    2. Wow! I didn't know that about the elm, very impressive, as is RH's constant effort to make sure that there are plenty of pretty and picturesque places for his autumn loving wife to feast her eyes on during the season!

      Yes, I, too, have witnessed many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, mostly from the terrace, where pretty, panoramic views are greatly appreciated.


  5. I am so late in getting here.
    but oh so glad I have found my way.
    a picture of YOU and Beautiful Brown Eyes. and my favorite season of all.
    and perfect pictures. I have seen the picture of the house with the windows lighted up. and the porch.
    and it's Valley View.
    oh darling sister mine.