Wednesday, March 29, 2017

An Ordinary Life: Sunlight on the Breakfast Table

"The only difference between
an extraordinary life
and an ordinary one
is the extraordinary pleasures
you find in ordinary things."

Veronique Vienne

Dear One, or Two, or Three........

What was your extraordinary pleasure today?

                   Wishing you many,



  1. sunlight and shadow. always. ♥

  2. A beautiful table set for a new day, the sun lighting the scene for new gatherings that will in turn lighten your heart and brighten your soul.

    I had to look up Veronique Vienne after reading her 'extraordinary' thoughts on what makes the ordinary extraordinary.

    Today, we met up with our dear friend, Lina, who we've had the pleasure of knowing for 25 years and who also happened to be our landlady for 22 of them. Hugs, chuckles, history...that was our extraordinary pleasure today.

    Loved this and love you!

    Poppy xoxo

  3. My dear Tammy and Poppy,

    Without doubt, we three must lead extraordinary lives, according to Veronique. Right?

    Love you!