Thursday, June 30, 2016

Telephone Ahead

"You're off to a more pleasant trip when you telephone ahead.

A Long Distance call is the quickest, 
friendliest way to let folks know how you're coming
and when you'll arrive."

Bell Telephone System, 1955

Do you find this ad to be from another world? I do but I so well remember this world. Short-term memory being what it is, I probably remember it better than I do yesterday.

Young people today must think it was the Dark Ages, but I remember it as a happy time.

Long distance was a big deal, and an expensive one. And now there is no long distance, is there? Not when you use a device. How many people have dropped their land lines? We have.

Now, here's a question. Do you enjoy talking on the telephone anymore? Between emails (practically a thing of the past in itself), Facebook, FaceTime, texts, I rarely talk on the phone, not conversations anyway. When I do, it's almost like I'm tongue-tied. 

I wonder if face to face conversations will some day go that way too? 


  1. I remember long distance of course! and it's a fascinating thought to think that face to face conversations might eventually go by the same way.

    and as to talking on the phone. it's a weird thing... but even as a teenager I didn't like talking on the phone. that was practically UNHEARD of!
    and now... I don't like it any better. I have one dear friend ... in the city who calls me every day. I love her. but sometimes we talk almost an hour and it wears me out! and to think... I made my living at tourism by being a working manager of a reservations and information call center! I talked on the phone literally NON-STOP for 8 hours a day for 20 years.
    oh wait. maybe that's part of why I hate talking on the phone today!! LOL!
    a great post dsm.
    kindred spirits! XOXO♥

  2. I remember long distance calls with my grandparents when I was a child. Sunday nights (when the rates were lower), my brothers and I lined up by the phone and we were each allowed a minute or so to say hello and give our news! Now, I facetime with my grandchildren. One day I called instead and my granddaughter was so confused that she couldn't 'see me'. A different world for sure.

  3. I love talking on the phone, as long as it's the right person I'm talking to. :)


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