Friday, December 27, 2013

Goodbye, My Friends

Life is filled with gifts. Each morning there are new gifts if we have eyes to see,
 a heart to receive them.

I want to go to bed each night recognizing the gifts of that day. 

And look forward to the next morning with all the hope of a small child 
who knows that the next day is Christmas Day…
and isn't it going to be glorious!

Oddly enough, to those of my readers who remember that I've struggled with insomnia,
the coming of these two precious dachshunds, Otis & Milo, to our home
has meant that my insomnia has gone away. Maybe it has something to do with the fact
 that they get me up about 6:30 and are ready for bed by 9:30, and expect me to be too!

I have found myself wanting more. More time to be with them and family, more time to appreciate the gifts of each day.

I want more time for my house, more time for sister emails. I have three younger sisters who have become more precious to me with each year. 
Our children and grandchildren 
all have their own very busy lives so I'm not expecting more time with them,
only that the time I do see them be free of distractions of a blog needing tending.

We have a family business where I'm supposed to be the secretary.
It's a wonder they haven't fired me lately, the way I've neglected it.

And blogging is work, if done in the spirit of being a loyal blog friend.
I hope that most of you will think that I have been a good blog friend.

I have met the nicest people in the world in blogging. 
You deserve fellow bloggers who will visit and comment.
Anything less is discouraging.

Some of you might not realize that I turned 70 this year.
I'm slowing down some. Everything takes longer than it used to.

And there is still so much I want to do and I feel the urgency of time growing shorter.

Many people search a lifetime to find out who they are,
what they want to be and do.

I believe that was me before I started blogging.
Blogging has helped me to better know who I am,
what I want to be and do,
how I want to spend the rest of the precious time allotted me.

I don't want to leave important things undone.

Many of you know of my love of Beverley Nichols' books.
Some of you share in my love of them.

Mr. Nichols wrote that "one goes through life, like that,
leaving books unread,
music unheard, pictures unseen.'

He continued optimistically: "and though it is very reprehensible,
in some ways is comforting to think that there
are so many lovely things yet to be learned."

So there you are, in a nutshell my dear friends,
the real reason I am leaving blogging.

There are so many lovely things yet to be learned!
There are books I want to read,
not to mention books begun that I want to finish writing.

There are recipes galore I want to cook without a thought entering my head 
of trying to photograph them for the blog!

There are floors to be cleaned
and walks to be taken with the dogs,
squirrels to watch scamper away into the trees in this valley we call home.

Christmas and other holidays to be celebrated with days going by 
when I don't even turn on my computer.

And so I tell you goodbye while I leave to have more time to look for the blessings
and mercies that are fresh every morning,
the ones that Thomas Chisolm wrote of in his great hymn, and my favorite,
"Great Is Thy Faithfulness," from the verses in Lamentations 3:22-23.

"Morning by morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided;
Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!"

R.H. and I will leave our blog up. It is a record of our family history in some ways and 
I hope that it has meant something to them.
Who knows if there might be something more we want to contribute someday.
And you may see me on Pinterest occasionally, where these leftover Christmas decoration 
pictures will go! Pinterest, my guilty pleasure.

I wish each one of you the very best and thank you so much for having made this blogger 
so welcome among you. 

I leave you with one last quote that is taped inside my medicine cabinet, for what would 
Across the Way be without an ending quote for you!

"It is very dangerous to go into eternity with possibilities which one has oneself
prevented from becoming realities. 
A possibility is a hint from God. 
One must follow it.
If God does not wish it, then let him prevent it,
but one must not hinder oneself."



  1. i understand.
    every single word.
    every single thought.
    and i may be with you in the new year.
    I have the strangest feeling I am all talked out. it's all shared.
    and it doesn't flow now.
    and though i adore it in a way . . . i want my real life back!
    i hardly budge from this house anymore. and that's not healthy for me.
    you are courage.
    and beauty.
    and love.
    and I will never lose you because of that!
    and i'm so glad you'll leave it up.
    i'll want to re visit valley view when i need to see beauty. and home.
    love dear one.

  2. Oh, I feel so sad at the moment! I understand entirely. But I love your words, your style, and I will miss you so much! You will email me, won't you? Please say you will. I feel like we started this journey together, and I don't want to be left behind.

  3. I certainly understand. You will be missed. Come back for a visit from time to time and let us know how you are. (((((HUGS))))

  4. I understand. You have expressed, so eloquently as always, the reasons that I have let my blog go. I just haven't had the courage to formally say "the end." I'm glad you are leaving "Across the Way" up for a while, as I know I haven't read all of your posts. Like a good book, I just don't want them to end! God bless you, Dewena!

  5. Dewena, I will miss you so much. Please continue to pray for me and hopefully find time to check my blog once in a while.

  6. I'll miss you, sweet blog friend, but I understand completely. Enjoy life, your husband, your friends, your dogs, your home, your books. It has been a joy knowing you through your blog and having you visit and comment on mine. I feel as if we could be good friends if we lived close to each other.

    I often think of shutting down my blog too. If it becomes too much of a chore, I will. Life is short. Go with your heart.

  7. Oh Dewena, you will be missed. I will also certainly miss your encouraging comments and visits:-) All the best and many blessings to you!!

  8. I will miss you, Dewena! Wishing you all the very best and God Bless!

  9. Oh, Dewena...I am so sad to hear this! I feel like I just met you and was getting to know you and I really liked your blog. I will really miss you! But, I truly do understand. I have entertained the thought of discontinuing my blog quite a few times, for all the reasons you mentioned - and then some. God bless you as you tend to your home, your family, the family business, and all the other important things in life.

  10. My dear friend,

    Awaking at 4:30 am this morning, to thick darkness and a windy chill, my internal rhythm was already off kilter. Then, even before my first sip to consciousness, I was shaken to full alert, by the title of this post. Goodbye?! But, you've just said 'hello', it seems, in 'blog years', and with that introduction, you've managed to brighten the 'sphere' in blogosphere, with your wonderful words and photos and quotes, a compilation each and every time, that cast some light on your colourful collage of a sweet and gifted personality.

    Yes, I sensed this coming, but hoped that it would be delayed. Selfish of me, I know, but I will miss you and your beautiful brush strokes of wisdom and kindness that painted pictures of inspiration and intrigue on this albeit, vast, cyber canvas, but always saturated in clear, concrete hues of tactile sensitivity, love and friendship.

    We may have met in this virtual world, but I know we will continue to stay friends in the real one, where the possibility of perhaps meeting you one day, in person, would be one that is not prevented or hindered, before entering eternity. And so, for now, I wish you beautiful, blessed days in your own 'landscape', a work in progress, that has been quietly awaiting your return, on your easel of life.

    Love to you,


  11. While I understand, I still want to shake my head and say "not acceptable, Dewena" so I am doing what I want and saying it. :) I know the kind of work and time and research that go into the sort of posts that you often do. They are an absolute delight. Don't do them and don't photograph food ( back in the dark ages we used to be able to read a recipe without having to see pictures, remember ? : ) but do come back once a month or at least once a quarter and just post something like the previous one, the family one. "here's what I've been up to, short and quick, by Dewena and RH" :) Your blog has been wonderful to visit and much appreciated no matter what you do but I do hope that you will post occasionally...even if it just some quick pictures and a hello :)

  12. dang. My initial comment didn't go through...Dewena, while understanding your decision, nonetheless, it makes me sad. Time is shortening yet there still remains so much to be done. Blogging has slowed for me and I am thinking I'll go to a 2, perhaps 3, times a week posting. Of course, Sabbath Keeping will be kept (no pun intended -smile) and I'll limit my blog visits to 1, perhaps, 2, times weekly. I do wish you would consider sporadic posting, such as Deb at Frugal Little Bungalow, suggests. If not, you'll be missed and every time God brings you to mind, you'll be tucked into prayer.
    God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

  13. I know just how you feel my friend. I "quit" blogging 2-years ago... Then 6-months came back. I hope it's goodbye, but rather see you later.. Safe travels... God bless. Hugs, Dixie

  14. Having turned 70 this year, I understand completely. J is younger than I am and with his health issues we learned a long time ago to do as you wrote about in this post. I'll miss your posts. Wishing you all the best with adventures yet to come.

    I love your Ryman Auditorium. It is beautiful. I saw the Opry at the Ryman, in 1964. The only time for me. Unforgettable evening.

  15. So beautiful said. You will be so missed, and by the way, Great is thy Faithfulness is also my favorite! You were one of the first bloggers to list me on your sidebar. I didn't even know that could be done back then!

    Cheers to you in the exciting adventures ahead, and please pop in to visit every now and then!

  16. Dewena:

    You will be missed greatly! I had a dream several years back and when I woke up I wrote down the words that were still in my thoughts. "Take the right road." I haven't always taken the right road because when that fork in the road presents itself we don't always know what the better choice might be but that doesn't stop us from appreciating the journey along the way. I hope you have taken the absolute best road for yourself and I wish that along your journey you experience every moment with joy, love and appreciation of the life in front of you each day. God Bless!

    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  17. Dewena.....
    I will miss you new friend......I can understand how you feel, sometimes we need to close one chapter in order to start a new one....Your grace and gentle soul have touched me......I wish you long afternoons with Otis & Milo, memorable walks with family and hours to read all your wonderful books...stay well....and as the daughter of a Navy man, I will leave you with this.....
    ..."Fair winds and following seas"......

  18. Oh, Dewena! I feel so sad! When I saw the title of your post, I thought, no, it can't be THAT! But it is, and I totally understand and respect your decision. I have been blogging for less than a year, and I see how it takes away from everything else. I will truly miss your beautiful way with words...but I will continue to have the pleasure of your company at least for a little while, as I go back to your archives for all of the posts I haven't yet read. I am grateful that our paths have crossed in this great big blogosphere, and I'll keep my fingers crossed, like others have commented, that you'll pop in now and then just to post a quick hello. I know that this last post of yours will stay with me for a long time...and someday, when I feel just as you do, I'll come back and read it again. Here's to all of your possibilities become realities, my friend!
    Amy xoxo

  19. Dear Dewena, I do understand. Blogging carries with it much responsibility and work. Yes, read, cook and do what you wish without constraint. blessings my friend, olive

  20. I understand completely! Thank you opening your home, your family, and your heart up to all of us! You have made our lives all the richer! Till our paths cross again, my dear friend!


  21. I will miss you. You were the person who recommended that I read The Pink House. You have written encouraging comments. I have enjoyed getting to know you a little.

    With that, I totally understand. Blogging makes me more creative and productive, but it takes a lot of time.

    I am glad that you will have time with your sisters, friends, books, kitchen, etc.

    Enjoy life AB.

  22. I am going to miss your writing. Am hoping that sometimes, in the future, occasionally, if you have some spare moments, you will post a little update here on your site.

    Best wishes!

  23. Goodbye Dewena and best of everything to you, RH and your family. I do secretly hope you'll come back to blogging or find some happy compromise of once a month updates or something. Much love to you from me. :)

  24. I will miss your beautifully written and thoughtful posts very much, Dewena. Selfishly, I wish you were still going to be here. But I truly understand. You have been a blessing to so many of us and I thank you for your friendship.


  25. I will miss your beautifully written and thoughtful posts very much, Dewena. Selfishly, I wish you were still going to be here. But I truly understand. You have been a blessing to so many of us and I thank you for your friendship.


  26. Nooooooooooooo, I will miss you and your beautiful and "educational" posts! I don't stress about blogging, it's just a fun hobby I started to record my thoughts for my children, in the process I've been blessed to find kindred spirits like YOU. Maybe you can post periodically just to let us know how you are doing. OR.....maybe I'll just come see you one day. I believe we could be great friends in the "real world" too. xoxo

  27. I am visiting from the Frugal little bungalow. I just want to wish you the very best! I hope you have time for all of the things you want to do and are blessed. You'll be missed! Sweet hugs, Diane

  28. Count me in as another sad blogger, sorry to see you're leaving, but yes, I understand fully and completely. Your words are always so eloquently written, and there will be a void in this world we call blogging with your absence.

    Please come back and let us know how your life is coming along. God speed.

  29. Oh no! I have been so behind in keeping up with everyone and decided to spend a few minutes reading tonight and I can't say I was happy to read this... it really made me feel quite sad, although I completely understand where you are coming from and your reasons, I understand them, respect them, and support them... but it still makes me sad. However I have faith you'll still be around and that you may still be able to participate and join in maybe just a lot less so you have more time for life and family and your home. Your writing is always beautiful, quite peaceful and often inspiring. I wish for you this coming year lots of happiness, time to focus on the most important things in life, and many blessings big, and small. Much love! ~ Donna

  30. I am very sorry to hear this. You have been such a kindred spirit to me. But I understand. I do. And I have left my own blog twice. I came back because I felt I needed that record of daily life and books, etc. and I needed the companionship of like souls - people who seemed to enjoy the things I write about. So, I will let myself hope that you, too, might return after a time.

  31. I just learned about your blog from Frugal Little Bungalow. I empathize. I'm going to follow you over at Pinterest. (I'm a better pinner than blogger.)

    I wish you a happy and healthy New Year to you and your family.

  32. Here I am, in at the end as usual. You and your quotes will be missed. I discovered some new horizons through you. If I cannot make headway on some pet projects this year, I may join you in blog retirement. Still, out of all proportion because we have never even met, I feel a little weepy at losing you.

  33. Hello, Dewana. I'm coming from Deb's. Just reading this post made me feel a little sad that I have missed out on your posts all this time, I guess we stumble upon the blogs we love and I never stumbled in this direction! My loss.

    There have been many occasions in my 5 years of blogging that I've sat at my computer for hours reading through blogs. And then I have struggled to find inspiration for what to post. At some point I realized that I truly had to live my life if I wanted to have anything to post about! And then it was clear; things to do, places to go, people to see. That was my lesson from the blogging world.

    I do understand the time constraints and it's important to be a thoughtful blogger. I try my best. I do know of a blogger, a very popular lady with many followers and friends. But she was so devoted to her family and finally announced that she would post when she could. She comes by every few months and writes about what has been going on in her life. She writes from her heart. And everyone is thrilled, leaves her comments and don't expect anything more from this good woman. I believe we do have true friends out there in our little corner of the world that would love to hear from you occasionally. I am going to Follow, just in case you "drop in" from time to time! :)

    Best wishes for a very Happy New Year, Dewana, and to your whole family!


  34. Dewena, I am in tears. I'm at a loss for words - a feeling I seldom experience. I feel like I'm losing a friend and a provider of inspiration. I'll miss your posts more than you will ever know. Your posts always give me so much to think about, and I love the way you write. I'll miss getting "words of wisdom" from you and from the quotations you post. I know there will come a day when I'll buy one of your books, and I'll be trying to contact you about sending it to you for an autograph. I do understand your decision. I know you have been struggling with this decision for awhile, and I'm sure you are at peace with your decision. I'm just selfish enough to be unhappy about your decision for my sake!. I'm sure you realize that you have met and conquered one of life's possibilities by blogging so beautifully. I am sooooo going to miss you. Best of wishes in all you do. Hugs, laurie
    P.S. I am going to have to scroll back through to look at all of your lovely Christmas décor. I was too intent on the commentary to take them in, but I could see that each and every photo showed décor that is so charming and pretty.

  35. I was right! Each photo is a delight. I just looked at my previous comment, and for someone who was at a loss for words, I sure wrote you a book! laurie

  36. You obviously have made a wonderful friend in Debra -- she is a very special lady. The blogging world will miss you but I understand and I wish you many happy moments!

  37. Dewena, I am heartbroken. Of course, I understand your motivation to leave blogging, and all your reasons are so right. I can't fault you for that; wouldn't dream of it. But I will miss you, dear lady. You are an incredible woman; a woman of faith, kindness, and profound words. Your view of the world from "Across the Way" has inspired me, lifted and encouraged me, and honestly made me want to be a better blogging woman. I'm just going to miss you so much. I wish I could just give you a gentle, warm hug right now and say "I love you, my friend." For you are and always will be my friend. I hope some how you'll stay in touch. (Maybe blog once a year? Forgive me for being so selfish.) May God bless you and R.H. far beyond anything you can imagine. "Great is [His] Faithfulness."

  38. I am here on recommendation of Debra at Frugal Little Bungalow. Of course she was right! I so enjoyed your pictures and calming, sweet words. I will be back to catch up on old posts. I join many others in hoping you might return periodically, refreshed, to update your numerous fans.
    But you are correct. When you are kind enough to visit another blog and there is never a response, it is like waving "hello" to a neighbor on the way to the mailbox and being ignored. How long would any one continue a greeting?
    I wish you the very, very best!

  39. Oh, Dewena. I have been away from blogging for a couple of weeks and now I am sitting here in tears because I missed commenting on your last few posts. You have been a wonderful friend to me-outside of regular comments on my blog-you have been SUCH a good blogger- always commenting and replying to comments. You will be missed here. I will miss you! I am so happy to have been part of your life while you were blogging and I hope you might pop in from time to time just to say hello.

    Just so you know though- I DO understand. Much love to you, my friend- xo Diana

  40. I am just returning from a very long blog break. I certainly understand but will miss you. I will enjoy browsing back through the posts I have missed while away. May God richly bless you in the new year. Mildred

  41. I have come to the same decision, Dewena, for the same reasons. It has been delightful getting to know you through your blog. I hope you will keep in touch from time to time but I know that your life is very full. I wish you many years of good health and happiness.
    Maureen x

  42. Oh, Dewena, I am so sorry you're leaving for my own selfish reasons, although it's totally understandable why you feel the need to stop blogging. I will be 67 tomorrow and yes, I'm slowing down too. I wish you all the best, days filled with fun and love and joy. I have enjoyed hearing from you so much, thank you for that.

  43. Dewena,
    It is such a pleasure to have met you and of course we all understand. Blogging takes up so much time and while we are on our computer our life keeps on going by!
    Enjoy it all, every moment!
    With love,

  44. What a lovely, lovely gift you are leaving for readers! I am a new visitor, encouraged to see that the blog will remain available. Best wishes as you enjoy your life, blogger-free!

  45. Dewena,
    I took a little bit of a break after Christmas to enjoy my daughters who were home from school. I will miss your wise words but I so understand your decision. Blessings to you and your family. Your such a special lady!

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  47. Dewena,
    I was just getting to know you, and you were one of the kindest bloggers out there. This is a beautiful story written so eloquently, and I do understand what you are saying here. I only hope that you visit me from time to time. You are a special person, and I wish you so much goodness in life. It looks like it will be coming your way with all the sweet and sincere thoughts that you have about the world.

    Take care, my blog friend, and it was a pleasure to meet you.


  48. Hey!!! I came over here to catch up on Otis and Milo and found that you've quit! I totally understand. Blogging takes up lots of time. There is no way I could do it if I had more family than my four dogs. I'm going to miss you, though! I swear those two...Otis and Milo are two of the handsomest weenie dogs I've seen. So glad you have them and that your insomnia is gone.

  49. Dewena, I've been trying to leave comments but they haven't published. I hope this one goes through. You will be missed. You were so kind and understanding when I made the decision to quit blogging. We completely understand that you wish to attend to the most important things in your life.

  50. I hate to see you go, but I am glad you are leaving your blog up. I hate it when people remove blogs, leaving me unable to relive something I wish to see again. I also like it because you leave the door open to return, even if only occasionally. I hope you will. Whatever you decide, I hope you find yourself the happiest.

  51. Hello Dewena! As you can most certainly see, you are missed! Even I, a blogger who knew you for a short time, misses your lovely posts and warm style of writing. I went to your new blog and while I'm so happy to see you have not left us completely, I was not able to comment. I don't know if that is intentional or if I missed something.

    I hope you're well and happy!

  52. Dewena, I've missed you and wondered about you only to find this last post by accident this morning. I've watched for you on my blog list but somehow missed this one. I have been struggling with decisions about my involvement on the web, too. There's a new blog?
    All my best wishes to you,

  53. Hello Dewena, I've been visiting your new blog and am happy to see you're doing well, but mostly I want to tell you I just finished cooking a ham and it was, by the time I was finished, red ;).


  54. HI Dewena,

    I know it must have been a hard decision to make, leaving blogland. I know that I also struggle with some of the things you mention. I find that I need breaks here and there from blogging as it is truly a lot of work, something I am sure every blogger will readily and wholeheartedly agree with. I commend you for doing what is best for you and your family and wish you all the happiness life has to offer. Enjoy the time away from blogland emailing your sisters, writing, reading and cooking (without having to take a million pics for a blog post).

    I think it's nice that you'll leave your blog open.

    And, I love the Spode pieces in your hutch! =)


  55. Aug. 20, 2014

    Your post..... But those apples in a bowl, they are BEAUTY.


    1. Tessa, just in case anyone else comes back and reads this, I'll explain that the "apples in a bowl" you wrote of is a comment for my new blog and since I don't have comments on my new blog this was your way of letting me know you liked my crabapples in a bowl. Thank you so much, don't know if you'll see this so I'll try replying by email. I appreciate the trouble you went to!

  56. I dont know if this still feeds to you or not but I wanted you to know that I have thought of you so very many times over the last few months that you have been gone. I hope things are going well for you-that you are still in love with your sweet pups and that live is treating you good. God bless you. I would love to hear from you sometime if you have time to drop me a line. xo Diana


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