Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Gurn and 'Teen!

Happy Anniversary to our dear son and daughter-in-law!

They were high school sweethearts!

And they still are!


  1. Hi Dewena,

    What a lovely couple. Happy Anniversary to them; all the best! And, Happy 4th of July to you, my friend! Hope you enjoy your time with the family.


  2. i'll swear dewena. you have the best looking kids!
    both yours and who they marry.
    happy anniversary dear gurn and teen!
    and fascinating names too!

  3. Oh I do remember the wedding. It was so sweet and pretty. Sean really loved being one of the groomsmen. His first. My love goes out to the wedding couple. Fred and I will be celebrating our 39th anniversary soon. We plan on going to California next year to attend my little sister's son's wedding and celebrate our 40th. The years do fly by.

    1. Hi little sister! It was a sweet wedding. Remember how hot that summer had been? 100s in June? But the church was nice and cool and the wedding beautiful. And it was wonderful for you and I to have Mom there.

      What fun for you and Fred to go to California for the wedding next year and to celebrate your 40th while you're there!Talk to you soon! Love you!

  4. Love in all that lace! What gorgeous people :) My congrats and best wishes!

  5. wow! one of my most favorite songs... 'don't it make my brown eyes blue!'
    and how lovely that she could wear that talented auntie of her's dress too!
    so special.
    i hope teen reads this and knows that even now her wedding would be right in the loveliest syle.
    sorry! eave dropped on you over at becky's blog. LOLOL! like a big family of girls we are. did i spell eave dropped right? eve dropped? eave? oh for pete's sake.

  6. Beautiful, Dewena. Happy Anniversary to Gurn and 'Teen.

  7. Happy Anniversary to Gurn and Teen. I so remember those hairstyles! Great memory pictures- xo Diana

  8. How wonderful that they were high school sweethearts. Love this picture . . . they look so happy together:)


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