Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Flowers

Spring did officially arrive this week, even if snow is forecast from now through Sunday at my friend Mary Ann's Calamity Acres Hobby Farm in Kansas.

We're having frost here at night in Tennessee and only a few of our daffodils are in bloom yet. But it is spring and I've put away my winter bedspread and all the plaid wool throws. There is one other thing I did this week. I took down a certain frame and changed the picture in it.

On the first day of summer there will be sunflower petals against a blue sky in the frame, and on the first day of autumn a tree with flame-colored leaves will take its place. Winter's picture of red dogwood buds encased in frozen ice bubbles actually goes up earlier in December than the first day of winter because--well, it just does.

This week the dogwood came down and pink apple blossoms went up.

Our son Defee took these pictures a few years ago and he and our daughter-in-law had them framed for our Christmas present. The quadrennial task of changing these pictures has become a simple pleasure I enjoy so much, both for the beauty of a picture I haven't seen for a year and for the thoughts it brings of the young man who held the camera for these shots.

I don't have any pictures to illustrate the lines below by Anne Morrow Lindbergh but we can close our eyes and imagine how lovely the real flowers must have been that Anne arranged for the house called Long Barn that she and her husband rented in England after the kidnapping and death in America of their first child.

Mary Ann in Kansas, with snow possibly falling right now, I'm dedicating these lines by Anne Morrow  to you. It will be truly spring there soon. I promise!

"We have put the blue iris in the long room, where they catch the color of the
Venetian blue glass and the greens and blues of the tapestries;
one bowl of hyacinths on the stool by the fireplace in the big room...
and one in the "Italian room" or little in-between hall,
with the amethyst-colored bottles.
Another pink hyacinth in the sitting room in the sunny window.
The pots of tulips, one red, one yellow,
on either side of the mirror in the front hall."

Anne Morrow Lindbergh The Flower and the Nettle


  1. oh dewena.
    it continues to delight me that our reading tastes are so similar. i've read all her books ~
    'hour of gold. hour of lead' included.
    such a pure spirit out of unspeakable tragedy.
    she captured spring in those eight lines above!
    thank you for sharing them here.
    and your picture that changes is wonderful!
    like the tokonamas in japan that reflect the changing seasons. such a beautiful ritual.
    as you say... it is a pleasure for you.
    and in this case... for us! lovely.

  2. What a beautiful picture. I can see why you love it. Doesn't Anne Lindbergh paint a beautiful word picture? Amazing talent! My kids/grands (2 families of them) are all on their way to Tennessee this morning and are spending a week there for Spring break-Hope the weather is nice for them. xo Diana

  3. What a great tradition with the changing of the photo by season.
    That must be a much loved present from your loved ones.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. That is so nice how you change things around your home for different seasons. .my bedspread is still the same white comforter. .my husband doesn't like flowers on his bed. ..oh these crazy husband of, its plain white..not even the shower curtains can have flowers. ...

  5. Deweena, thank you so very much for the lovely A.M.L. poem... my heart has always gone out to her, what a sad life she had, but made the best of it.

    I have things from my sons, too, that I treasure... it was very sweet to read of yours.

  6. Dewena, Thank you for the beautiful lines of poetry. I love the picture. I am so ready for flowers....we are in for a snow storm..what the heck ..It can't last long.:):) enjoy your wonderful weekend. xoxo,Susie

  7. I envy your daffodils and warmer climate. We have snow falling tonight here in the Rockies. I appreciated the words from Anne Morrow Lindbergh. An extraordinary woman.

  8. The drought here in Florida has kept back many things~~the palms are yellowing for lack of food and water. But Public is burgeoning with Easter lilies and tulips so I bring those home to cheer our tables. For a springtime refresher, I've taken down and tossed out the 10-year-old sheers in the front bay window of our house...replaced them with new ones and brought in a potted Majesty Palm to "green up" my spirits. I'm feeling Anne Morrow Lindbergh :)

  9. Dewena,

    Changing things out for the season is a delightful pleasure, isn't it? So comforting too. The picture is so lovely and serene.

    I love Anne Morrow of my favorites.

    Hope you are a happy weekend.

    Hugs, Barb

  10. That's a lovely tradition, changing out your pictures for the seasons. I like to change the linens for seasons, too. However, the winter comforter is still on the bed, as we had 10" of snow last night.

    Anne Lindbergh was a beautiful spirit. I've read all of her books, and loved reading about the time she and her family spent in England.

  11. I love that you mark the changing of the seasons with changing out those personal pictures. Moving things in the house gives it a fresh perspective and ushers in a change not only in the decor but in our attitude as well.

  12. Dewena, those are lovely photos; well done to the photographer. I do a bit of house cleaning, that's my nod to the change of seasons. Thanks for your kind comment on my "my day" takes time to make changes and I'm in process but it's not going to happen for a while. One neighbor said he'd help but he's been seldom seen; not sure what the problem is. He was the man who always helped when Dave was alive but since Dave's death, Daniel doesn't come 'round very often. It's a mystery and I could sore use the help.

  13. Dewena, isn't it so precious the things our children give us? Beautiful picture!

    I still have all the wool blankets out and we still have a fire in the fireplace tonight. It sure doesn't feel like Spring right now, although the daffodils have bloomed and are all gone. The best is yet to be...

  14. Dewena,
    Your picture is so pretty. Ah, the simple pleasures of ritual--changing out your photos from season to season to have something new and lovely for your eyes. It looks like your son is a beautiful photographer.

  15. What a clever idea, Dewena ~ seasonal pictures! This photograph is beautiful. I want to do what Anne Morrow Lindburgh did - flowers in every room. Sounds so lovely. laurie

  16. Ok so I listened and didn't leave a comment above. :) Happy Easter Dewena! I've enjoyed catching up on your post, and I share your love of pretty dishes.

  17. OH you have such a way with words and always enjoy your photo shares. Have a beautiful weekend.


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