Friday, January 25, 2013

A Walk To Our Waterfall

A creek runs through Valley View, fed by a waterfall at the rear of our property. Don't imagine it as Niagara Falls for it is only about 20 feet high, but it is a hidden treasure that we love. The waterfall is a place our children, grandchildren, and dogs love to hike to. Zack is shown above as a boy with our beloved corgi Tex and beloved mixed breed Abbie. Tex may have had short legs but his strong little back legs took him even to the top of our ridges to keep up with his boys. Climbing the slick rock of the waterfall was only a minor challenge to him.

Yesterday was a sunny day here so R.H. hiked back to the waterfall with Katie Belle. Would you like to come along? The waterfall is worth the hike.

A large beech tree grows close to the waterfall...

...its fingers spreading along the ground to offer a mossy seat for a tired hiker to recline against...

...while watching water trickle over the waterfall and listening to it burble along to the creek... Katie Belle sniffs good clean mud...

...and explores...

...and then comes back to say, "Let's get a move on."

There are hills to climb....

...and woods to explore...

....ancient artifacts to discover.

At the top of one ridge are the Twin Towers, shown by Defee a few years ago...

...a rock fortress discovered by our sons and used for years by our grandsons Luke, Drake, Alex and Caleb, again shown here by Defee when he and Wallace hiked the boundaries.

He snapped Wallace looking down over the rooftops of Valley View...

But back in the valley, Katie Belle says, "Time to go home, Dad."

We hope you have enjoyed a walk through Valley View to the waterfall...

...Katie Belle enjoyed having you along. And at this time of year you didn't even get a tick bite or chigger bite. Think of that, you lucky thing, you!


  1. Tennessee us one of the more beautiful states in my estimation...and you truly have a treasure here :)

  2. Dewena, Looks like the perfect exploring place for kids and dogs.I do always think of ticks and such...scard of those little creatures. I like going to our park for walk like this.xoxo,Susie

  3. Dewena,
    This is so beautiful. There is nothing I like to do better with my family and our dogs than to take a hike through the woods. How wonderful that you had some time to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. And you are so right--we don't have to worry about ticks or chiggers in the winter. They are getting increasingly worse in Michigan due to our mild winters lately. Seems like every time we went out in the woods last year, someone would come back with a tick.

  4. Dewena, what a nice walk you had!! Loved the twin tower trees perfect name for them.. wishing we had wood here. Nothing,but flat land.

  5. What a magical place! What a wonderful place for kids to play, they were so lucky!

  6. Hi Dewena, Love your property. It is indeed a hidden treasure! I know it has to be peaceful and serene! Thanks for following. I am now your follower! XoXo Pam

  7. Mom, we miss our walks to the waterfall! Usually walks to the waterfall for us included an air escapade on the rope swing. Swinging between two ridges over the waterfall is quite an experience, not for the faint of heart! Give Katie Belle a kiss for me and tell her hopefully in the spring we'll be able to go with her on her walk...of course with a glass of wine in hand for me! :-)

  8. Dewena, I stopped in to visit you after you stopped by my blog and introduced yourself to me. I have read some of your recent posts, and I am so pleased that we "met". Your writing is wonderful, and we are of a like mind in many ways. I too love to see how others live. I have three sisters.

    I look forward to reading more of your past posts, and I have bookmarked you so that I remember to check your blog.

    I don't know how you can follow my blog. I'll have to look into that. Up until just recently, only my friends and family read my blog, but I am getting more readers after a couple of blogs put me on their sidebar.

    I hope you enjoy the Nell Hill's photos. Check out my entries labeled "Boat's". Boats is a lovely furniture store in Pella, Iowa where I go for inspiration and to photograph their room settings. It was the decorator at Boat's Home Furnishing, Jane Smith, who told me about Nell Hill's and Mary Carol Garrity.

    I'll be checking in to visit again soon.

  9. Dewena, what a wonderful place to live. I can only imagine growing up with all of that practically in your back yard. The adventures a child could have. I loved my walk to see the water fall, and I didn't even have to strain any muscles to go see it. Have a good weekend. laurie

  10. What a gorgeous area. Beautiful pictures. That IS a hidden treasure! I love all your dogs!! I have a special place in my heart for corgis Tex melts my heart. I bet he was a sweet dog!

  11. Wow mom , you have a way of making people feel like they are there. Its been a while since I have hiked back to the waterfall. I like it when the water freezes on it. The thing I always worry about in the summer back there is getting into the poison ivy.

  12. What a lovely place. I always enjoy a good hike to a waterfall. I like that your kids comment on your blog too. Mine are scared.

  13. This definitely brings back memories. No telling how many times I walked to the back of the property to swing on the rope swing from the top of the hill up into the trees on the other hill. We had a lot of fun walking up and down the waterfall trying not to fall. We were very lucky to have grown up on Valley View. I look forward to taking Nora on hikes through the valley and up the hills. I can tell that she is going to be adventurous and will have fun exploring and looking for treasures. Thanks for posting this. We love you.

  14. Dewena- Your property is absolutely beautiful. I just love it. We had some waterfalls in the mts. of PA, too, between the farms and oh-how I loved those falls. I hadn't thought of them in a while until I saw yours. Gorgeous!!!! xo Diana

  15. Oh your property is lovely! How wonderful to be able to just take a walk like that. Is your dog a jack russell terrior?

  16. What a lovely slice of Heaven. I enjoyed the tour very much. Wishing you a delightful weekend.

  17. You live in a magic land! How absolutely wonderful! :)

  18. That is an enchanting place for exploration. Also puppy walking. My puppy and I have been gardening. Now we are tired.

  19. How absolutely magical. A walk in the woods with dogs always gets us to slow down and take a look at life a bit closer. There is nothing prettier than the splash of sparkling water in the sun.
    Thanks for the trip.

  20. Those pictures look like my backyard in Connecticut. OMG! I miss it. Beauty! Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I look at the wreaths in Smith & Hawkins - those are pretty - usually. Target is great!

  21. How wonderful to have your OWN waterfall! What a treasure to make family memories! Thank you for taking us along today!

  22. I enjoyed the hike. The photos are wonderful!

  23. Hey mom, very cool post! I always loved going back there when I was a kid. All my friends wanted to go back there and play on the waterfall and swing on the rope swing! And of course some of them would fall off the swing! :-) I will always think of our sweet Tex when I think of our waterfall! He did love exploring back there.

  24. What a joyful experience...trudging along those beautiful hills.

  25. That is truly beautiful...and I have never known anyone who has had their own waterfall before. A gorge full of antiques and a waterfall?? You my friend live in a magical land!

  26. oh dsm.
    I'd forgotten what a wonderful post this was.
    I remember seeing it... but I see no comment from me! must have been shy back then. LOLOL!
    as if.
    and my beloved zack and his dogs.... and reading his and defee's comments here to their mom. oh my.
    the only thing missing is the sound of running water! ... oh wait...
    maybe I can hear it after all... and the crunch of leaves as darling little katie belle races through the forest! so good to see her again!


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