Friday, September 8, 2017

Happy Birthday, Patsy Cline

You gave us so many beautiful songs in such a short time.

In only 30 years your memorable voice
gave us classics such as

I Fall to Pieces


Walkin' After Midnight

She's Got You

and my personal favorite, Sweet Dreams of You.

I often indulge in the "what ifs" about you, Patsy.

What if you had driven home on March 5, 1963
instead of flying?

What if the pilot had heeded bad weather warnings?

What if........

Today I will listen to you sing and then I will drive
a few miles and slowly pass by your home.

And maybe fall asleep tonight with your
Sweet Dreams playing in my mind.

Happy Birthday, Patsy,
we miss you!


  1. the minute you say a title of one of her songs you hear it in your head and in your heart. I loved her too. nobody sounds like her.
    to me all the taylor swifts sound just alike. not patsy.
    her voice was unique. you KNOW you're listening to patsy cline. and it's beautiful.

  2. The only song I know of Patsy Cline's is 'Crazy', and when I first heard it as a teenager, I remember immediately being struck by her rich, full-bodied voice, which was layered with strength and determination, despite the desperate words she sometimes sang.

    Thanks for this wonderful tribute, Dewena!



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