Sunday, June 26, 2022

Touble signing in to my blog

 Help, please! 

Both my blogs say to sign in but when I click on it I can't. It just says error message. 

I've spent hours googling the problem, signing out and signing back in but it doesn't work.

Has anyone reading this had trouble with your Blogger blog? 

I've followed every hint I've found online and nothing helps. I don't even know if this post will actually be published but thought I'd try this and see if it appears.

Thank you so much if you have any suggestions! 

P.S. I'm not able to post at my other blog at all and I can't comment on my posts at all. 

6/27 update: I am able to publish my comments here at this blog but cannot at Dewena's Window so I have no way of letting readers there know what's going on. 

And still, at the top of the page of both blogs it says "sign in" no matter how many times I successfully sign in to my blogger/google account. And when I click on "sign in" or "new post" at Dewena's Window it doesn't take me to the post history, stats, etc. for it but instead takes me to that page here at Across the Way. 

I've sent repeated requests to the Help Center about this problem but get no help at all.


  1. I am able to comment here but not under my name.

  2. I'm did you post this if you can't sign in to your blog?

    I'm automatically signed into my blog on my laptop - Chrome keeps my passwords.

    1. Melanie, I have no idea! I can't post at the Window but was able to here. Isn't that weird? I've been about to go crazy trying to figure this out.

  3. Replies
    1. Firefox is my browser.

    2. Try using Chrome as your browser. Several years ago, I had a lot of trouble with Firefox and switched to Chrome. No more problems.

    3. Melanie, everything is fixed now! Both blogs and I can even comment under my name. Thank you Google, if it was you! I'm so excited and will try to do some visiting tomorrow!

  4. If you have it since the 14th of June this could have something to do with it:
    I follow a UK Lady with blogger problems and someone there said you had to "turn on cross site tracking".
    Found something else myself:
    1.On your computer, open Chrome (maybe same with firefox)
    2.At the top right, click More Settings.
    3.At the bottom, click Advanced.
    4.Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings Cookies.
    5.Turn Allow sites to save and read cookie data on or off.

    Now I have everything in Dutch so I cannot fully control if all the steps are correct stated but hope one of your readers can.
    And ofcourse I hope one of my rumbles could be your solution :-)
    Good luck,

  5. Wendy, thank you so much for this info! I'll try it but my tech skills are so weak so we'll see if I can figure it out. I appreciate so much you trying to help and will let you know if it works!

    1. Wendy, I just found it fixed! I don't know how but am so happy to have both blogs back!