Wednesday, March 29, 2017

An Ordinary Life: Sunlight on the Breakfast Table

"The only difference between
an extraordinary life
and an ordinary one
is the extraordinary pleasures
you find in ordinary things."

Veronique Vienne

Dear One, or Two, or Three........

What was your extraordinary pleasure today?

                   Wishing you many,


Saturday, March 11, 2017


And lo, there was an Abomination that fell

upon the United States of America,

causing much travail.

Tempers rose,

depression fell.

Men gnashed their teeth in vain.

Women muttered and moaned

and screamed for a cup of coffee.

And the Abomination was called


It's here, friends.

Maybe a nap will help.

Wake up there, sleepyhead!

"Bah, leave me alone, will ya?
And did you get permission to take my picture?"

Shhh, go back to sleep....

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Long Love

Theirs was a long love.

I can't vouch for the early years,
I wasn't there then.

But a few years after this photograph was taken,
a dozen cousins and numerous uncles and aunts present,
I saw evidence that there was more than sweet smiles
between my grandfather and grandmother.

We were all outside awaiting home-churned ice cream,
aunts talking up a Tennessee tornado,
uncles joking and wondering if the ice cream was ready,
cousins pairing off by age.

No one was paying much attention to the old couple,
but I saw.

I saw Grandpa walk behind Grandma's folding chair,
bend and kiss the top of her head.

And with a mischievous smile he.....

he slid a hand in the bodice of her dress.

She slapped his hand away and fussed,
"Oh, William!"

He smiled and walked away.

There was a sparkle in Grandma's eye.